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Top 29 DIY Home Renovation Tools You Need

DIY Tools
12 February 2024 75 view(s)

The trend of property investment and development has increased in recent years and has attracted more entrepreneurs to DIY renovation and construction. 

This growing interest necessitates a comprehensive toolkit equipped with specialised tools for a wide array of tasks.

To cater to this need, consider exploring a wide selection of power tools and accessories, thoughtfully curated to improve your DIY renovation projects.

Our range includes essential items such as drills and saws, among others, carefully selected to meet the high standards of both novice and experienced renovators.

Our collection stands out for its commitment to quality and reliability, and the essential tools for home renovation and accessories have been chosen to withstand home renovation tasks.

From sanding a staircase to major overhauls, we provide the best tools for the job and a smoother and more efficient renovation process. 

1. Hammer Drill 

A hammer drill is very useful for DIY home renovation tools, especially for drilling into concrete, brick, or stone walls. 

Its versatility and hammer function save time, facilitating precise drilling for fixture installation and heavy item anchoring, addressing the question of what tools do I need for home renovation with a definitive answer. 

Compatible with various drill bits, it's essential for any DIY enthusiast or professional renovator, including those looking for house flipper tools.

This tool shows both the core equipment necessary for successful home transformations and highlights the need for having reliable tools that can handle the renovation work.

2. Drill Bits 

If you are looking at starting a home DIY project then you’ll need some drill bits, which are effective for drilling into wood, metal, concrete or tile with a huge amount of precision and efficiency. 

Offering versatility, different types cater to specific tasks, from spade bits for wood to masonry bits for concrete to help with your home renovation project. 

Available in various sizes, they accommodate tasks of all scales, making sure everything is cost-effective, and has long-lasting performance, particularly with features like carbide tips or coated surfaces for durability and reduced friction.

3. Reciprocating Saw

A reciprocating saw is needed for DIY home renovations, perfect for demolition tasks like cutting through walls, and pipes, or removing old fixtures. 

Its compact size gives access to tight spaces, while compatibility with various blades allows cutting through wood, metal, plastic, and even pruning trees in the garden. 

Offering fast cutting speeds and precise control, it helps efficiency and allows for accurate results, making it a must-have tool for any renovation project.

4. Mitre Saw

For DIY jobs you need the right equipment, that's why a compound mitre saw must be at the top of your wishlist. 

It offers precise angled cuts for trim work, moulding, framing, and professional finishes. 

Its ability to make quick and accurate cuts at various angles saves time and effort, while safety features like blade guards and automatic blade brakes minimise accidents. 

With a user-friendly design and adjustable settings, it's accessible for all skill levels, making it a worthwhile investment for any renovation project. 

5. Claw Hammer 

Purchasing a claw hammer will help with all of your renovation needs. 

It is used for driving and removing nails, prying, and general carpentry work. 

Built from durable steel, it has longevity and reliability for demanding projects. 

With precise control over nail placement, ergonomic handle design for comfort, and affordability, it will always come in handy for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

6. Step Ladder

A step ladder is a much-needed piece of equipment for DIY home renovation and provides safe access to higher areas for tasks like painting, installing light fixtures, or reaching high shelves. 

With sturdy construction and non-slip steps, it is stable, while its lightweight and portable design allows for easy transportation and manoeuvrability. 

Available in various heights and featuring a foldable design for compact storage, it's a practical investment for any renovation project, but also for safety and convenience.

7. Crowbar 

A crowbar is great for tasks such as prying apart floorboards and tiles, along with removing old fixtures during demolition phases. 

Its leverage assists in removing stubborn nails, staples, or screws without causing damage, and efficiently dismantling cabinets, doors, or frames for remodelling projects. 

Available in various sizes and shapes, its durable construction withstands heavy-duty use, making it a practical investment for any renovation project.

8. Pipe Wrench 

With sturdy construction and durable materials, a pipe wrench gives the user reliability in plumbing projects. 

Some models feature ergonomic handles for comfortable use during prolonged tasks. Invest in our range of pipe wrenches for efficient plumbing renovations. 

9. Voltage Tester

Portable and easy to use, a voltage tester helps to identify faulty elements and prevents hazards like shocks or fires. 

Available in various types, for example, the Bahco 8045LVDE Voltage Tester, it's a must-have for any renovation project. 

10. Tape Measure 

A tape measure is fantastic for DIY home renovation, providing accurate measurements for rooms, furniture, and materials. 

With durable construction and clear marking, it ensures reliability and precision in various environments.

Available in different lengths and widths, it allows you to complete many different tasks, with some models featuring additional functionalities like magnetic tips for hands-free measuring on metal surfaces. 

You will want to purchase a tape measure, for all your measuring and sizing up on any project.

11. Adjustable Wrench 

An adjustable wrench is a versatile tool for DIY home renovation, getting rid of the need for multiple wrenches with its adjustable design. 

It's essential for tasks like tightening or loosening bolts, nuts, and fittings during plumbing or furniture assembly. 

Constructed from sturdy materials, it provides a firm grip on rounded or irregularly shaped objects, and secure tightening without damage, making it another invaluable addition to any toolkit.

12. Spirit Level 

A spirit level helps in matching tiles, frames, and cabinets for a professional finish, improving room aesthetics. 

For construction tasks like laying floors or installing windows, it guarantees proper drainage. 

Invest in a range of spirit levels for various DIY projects, from building shelves to installing light fixtures, allowing for matching and impeccable results. 

13. Utility Knife   

A Bahco Fixed utility knife is useful for DIY home renovation, offering the cutting of materials like cardboard, plastic, or carpet during tasks such as flooring installation or repair. 

It's convenient for opening boxes, cutting tape, and trimming flooring materials. 

Additionally, it aids in tasks like cutting drywall or scraping old caulk during bathroom or kitchen renovations, making it a versatile tool for various projects.

14. Lineman’s Pliers 

Combination pliers are great for tasks like cutting and stripping wires for electrical work or tightening plumbing fittings. 

Their strong grip aids in twisting, bending, or pulling wires securely, ensuring reliable connections. 

Additionally, they assist in construction tasks and various DIY repairs, making it a versatile tool for any project.

15. Electric Sander 

You need to use an electric sander for surfaces like wood, metal, or drywall for painting or refinishing. 

It saves time and effort, particularly on large surfaces, and aids in removing old paint or varnish layers. 

With models featuring built-in dust collection systems, it maintains a cleaner work area. Invest in our range of electric sanders for fine finishes on woodworking projects, ensuring an improved final product.

Here are some great safety tips when using an abrasive tool.

16. Safety Glasses 

Safety goggles are needed for safety compliance, they're comfortable with adjustable features and offer UV protection. 

Suitable for various DIY projects, they're available at Heamar for your safety and convenience. 

17. Phillips Screwdriver

A screwdriver set is always a go-to for DIY home renovation, accommodating various screw sizes and types used in tasks like furniture assembly and electrical work. 

Its ergonomic design allows for comfortable handling, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use. 

Purchase a Phillips Screwdriver for precise operation, and it guarantees secure fixtures and fittings, made of sturdy materials for longevity. 

18. Caulk Gun 

A caulking gun is required for most DIY tasks. 

It’s used for precise application of caulking around windows, doors, and trim to prevent air and water infiltration. 

It speeds up the caulking process, saving time and reducing the wastage of caulking materials. Compatible with various types of caulks, it's a cost-effective tool for achieving neat and efficient results. 

19. Sledge Hammer 

The are plenty of reasons to buy a sledge hammer for a DIY home. 

With significant force, it tackles tough tasks efficiently, speeding up the demolition process by bringing down walls, removing tiles and much more. 

Constructed from robust materials, it withstands heavy use while offering precision when needed, making it a must-have for renovation projects. 

20. Stud Finder

A stud finder is useful for DIY home renovation, to accurately locate studs behind drywall to prevent damage during drilling. 

It speeds up tasks like hanging shelves or mounting TVs, saving time. Some models detect electrical wires and metal studs for added safety. 

With a compact design and intuitive features, it's a must-have tool for any renovation project.

21. Staple Gun

A staple gun is used for efficiently securing materials like fabric, insulation, and carpet underlay. 

It speeds up attachment compared to manual methods, accommodating various staple sizes for different materials. 

With accurate placement and an ergonomic design, it gives a professional finish, suitable for users of all skill levels.

22. Extension Cords 

An extension cord is great for DIY home renovation, offering additional reach for power tools and lighting fixtures in areas with limited outlets. 

It eliminates the need for multiple outlets, featuring built-in surge protection to safeguard electrical devices. 

Compatible with various tools and appliances, some models offer tangle-resistant designs or built-in storage solutions, making them important for any renovation project.

23. Paintbrushes and Rollers

Paintbrushes and rollers help to cover large surfaces like walls and ceilings with paint. 

Brushes allow for clean lines and detailed work around edges and trim, while rollers speed up the process. 

Suitable for various paint types, quality brushes and rollers offer long-lasting performance, making them useful for professional results in any renovation project.

24. Tile Spacers 

Tile spacers give consistent spacing between tiles for a professional finish. 

They maintain straight lines and proper alignment during installation, speeding up the process. 

With a simple design, they're easy to use and available in various sizes to accommodate different tile dimensions, and for any tiling project.

25. Heat Gun 

A heat gun is great for removing old paint and varnish from wood, metal, and plastic surfaces, and preparing them for refinishing. If you’re thinking about which product is better, a heat gun or hairdryer, then let us convince you of the power of the heat gun. 

It's useful for thawing frozen pipes in winter to prevent bursting. With the ability to shape plastic materials and remove adhesive residue, it speeds up drying processes for quicker progress, our range of heat guns is excellent for any task.

26. Wire Brush 

A wire brush is useful for DIY home renovation, removing rust and corrosion from metal surfaces to prepare them for refinishing or repair. 

It's great for cleaning surfaces before painting, ensuring better adhesion and finish. Perfect for scrubbing grout lines and reviving old tools, it creates a smooth, professional result.

27. Paint Sprayer 

A paint sprayer is a must-have for your DIY plans, offering even coverage and a professional finish on walls, furniture, and more.

It speeds up painting tasks, suitable for various surfaces including walls, ceilings, and outdoor structures. With adjustable settings, it minimises overspray, ensuring precise application and a smooth, streak-free finish.

28. Saw Horse 

A workbench offers stability for cutting and handling heavy materials like lumber and doors, which is crucial in home renovation. 

Portable and collapsible, it suits different sites and spaces. Adjustable height gives employees ergonomic working conditions. 

It is a platform for various tasks like sawing, sanding, and painting, preventing surface damage during use. 

29. Torx Screwdriver 

Our range of Torx screwdrivers offers superior torque and grip, ensuring tight fastening without stripping screw heads. 

Compatible with different Torx screw sizes, it's versatile for furniture, appliances, and electronics. Made from durable materials, it guarantees longevity.

Its ergonomic design allows for comfort during prolonged use, making it a reliable choice for renovation tasks.

This guide picks out only our top 30 essential tools for DIY home renovation, spanning from drilling and cutting to safety gear, ensuring you're ready for any project.

Whilst we’ve covered the main considerations for safety, efficiency, and the capability for professional results on your own, many other tools are out there to help you complete any renovation task.

Remember though, whether you're updating a room or overhauling your entire home, the right tools are needed for success.

This condensed guide can serve as your go-to resource for all DIY renovation needs, and we’ve highlighted many of our selection of power tools designed to assist in turning your space making your renovation achievable and rewarding with the right tools. 

Get in touch with us for any specific tools you may need whatever the project.


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