The Best Lights for Camping and Hiking Trips

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The best camping and hiking lights are portable, designed to either clip on to parts of your tent, sit safely on a flat surface or fix comfortably on to your head. They are compact, durable and have useful features like water-resistant capabilities, built-in power banks and multiple lighting function settings.

The Importance of Light on your Vision and Wellbeing

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Read about the implications of the blue spectrum and how it can affect your health and wellbeing

Virgin Atlantic Chooses the HE787 Boeing Dreamliner Tool Kit

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Heamar provided a complete Boeing 787 kit with specialist MIL-Spec tools.

What is a Socket & What Are They Used For?

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A socket is a tool that attaches on to the end of a ratchet, or socket wrench, with the purpose of tightening or loosening a fastener by turning it.

What are the Benefits of a Daylight Lamp?

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Daylight lamps feature a range of benefits that surpass that of a normal halogen lamp. Find out how a daylight lamp can assist you!
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