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Plane in sky
10 January 2024
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How to Prevent Bolts Loosening on Aircrafts

Wondering how to prevent bolts loosening on an aircraft? Discover Heamar's tools and methods to ensure the integrity of aircraft bolts and nuts.

Lacelok vs Cable Ties: Which One Should You Use?
20 December 2023
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Lacelok vs Cable Ties: Which One Should You Use?

Discover the ultimate cable management solution and determine which is right for you. Explore Heamar's LaceLok kit and make informed choices for your projects.

Man with tool belt
30 November 2023
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A Guide to the Best Tools for Electricians

Discover the essential tools for electricians in our comprehensive guide. Ensure efficiency, safety, and quality work. Contact Heamar for expert advice!

Construction worker using an angle grinder
27 November 2023
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10 Angle Grinder Safety Tips for Construction Workers

Discover ten essential angle grinder safety tips for construction workers and DIY enthusiasts. Stay safe with Heamar's quality grinder products.

Holding a bolt
23 November 2023
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Everything You Need to Know About Safe-T-Cables

Need a heat-resistant cable tie? Safe-T-Cables perform in many demanding environments, increasing the safety of integral industries.

Grinder on table top
20 November 2023
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5 Health and Safety Tips When Using Abrasive Power Tools

Wondering how to use abrasive power tools safely? Read our health and safety power tool guidelines to reduce risks and increase productivity in the workplace.

Open cable
20 November 2023
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How to Reduce Damage to Wire Bundles

Preventing wire damage is challenging, but there are ways to reduce it, enhancing the overall performance of applications. Find out how to minimise wire damage.

Air impact wrench on work bench
13 November 2023
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How to Lubricate an Impact Wrench Correctly

Why is impact wrench lubrication important? Discover the best lubricant for tools and why you should include it as part of your maintenance.

Drone flying
1 November 2023
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What Tools Are Needed to Build a Drone?

Building and maintaining a drone can be complicated. Read our guide on exactly what tools you will need to keep your drone in the air.

Crimp tool on desk
1 November 2023
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How to Choose the Correct Crimping Tool

With the various number of crimping tools available, it can be confusing to know which is the right one for what you need. Take a look at our guide on how to choose the right crimping tool for you.