Bahco K9801M-105 105mm x 1 1/2" Hex Impact Socket




  • 105mm hex impact socket with 1 1/2" square drive
  • Made from high-performance alloy steel and has a phosphate finish
  • Adheres to standards DIN 3121-H 40, ISO 1174, DIN 3129 and ISO 2725

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  • 105mm hex impact socket with 1 1/2" square drive.
  • Made from high-performance alloy steel and has a phosphate finish.
  • For maximum safety use clamping springs with the impact socket.
  • This impact socket has a Dynamic-Drive™ profile which is designed to protect nuts, screws and tools from unnecessary wear and damage.
  • This socket adheres to standards DIN 3121-H 40, ISO 1174, DIN 3129 and ISO 2725.

Technical Details

Producthex sizeLengthhex side widthdrive side widthclamping spring part numberimpact socket weight
K9801M-4646 mm80 mm76.3 mm86 mmK560F-82280 g
K9801M-5050 mm82 mm81.5 mm86 mmK560F-82360 g
K9801M-5555 mm82 mm87.4 mm86 mmK560F-82370 g
K9801M-6060 mm91 mm93.6 mm86 mmK560F-83000 g
K9801M-6565 mm95 mm99.8 mm86 mmK560F-83530 g
K9801M-7070 mm100 mm105.5 mm86 mmK560F-83710 g
K9801M-7575 mm105 mm112 mm86 mmK560F-83800 g
K9801M-8080 mm110 mm117.5 mm86 mmK560F-84450 g
K9801M-8585 mm120 mm124.8 mm86 mmK560F-85440 g
K9801M-9090 mm120 mm130 mm86 mmK560F-85600 g
K9801M-9595 mm125 mm136.5 mm127 mmK560F-98100 g
K9801M-100100 mm125 mm143.7 mm127 mmK560F-98600 g
K9801M-105105 mm130 mm147.6 mm127 mmK560F-99200 g
K9801M-110110 mm130 mm153.2 mm127 mmK560F-91000 g
K9801M-115115 mm140 mm158.8 mm127 mmK560F-910800 g
K9801M-120120 mm140 mm166.7 mm127 mmK560F-912100 g
K9801M-125125 mm165.1 mm170.1 mm82.6 mmK560F-813610 g
K9801M-130130 mm165.1 mm176 mm82.6 mmK560F-814590 g
K9801M-135135 mm171.5 mm181.9 mm82.6 mmK560F-816170 g
K9801M-140140 mm177.8 mm187.7 mm82.6 mmK560F-817860 g
K9801M-145145 mm184.2 mm193.7 mm82.6 mmK560F-818800 g
K9801M-150150 mm184.2 mm199.5 mm82.6 mmK560F-819120 g
K9801M-155155 mm190.5 mm205.5 mm82.6 mmK560F-819470 g

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