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Impact Wrenches

An impact wrench is commonly cordless (battery powered) or pneumatic (air powered) and is a power tool that delivers high levels of torque to remove bolts and fasteners, as well as tighten them with the use of an impact socket.

Guides and Advice

How to Lubricate an Impact Wrench Correctly
Why is impact wrench lubrication important? Discover the best lubricant for tools and why you should include it as part of your maintenance.
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Impact Driver vs. Impact Wrench: Which Is Better?
Impact drivers and impact wrenches have many advantages, but which is better? Here are ten differences between them so you can find the best tool for you.
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A Complete Health and Safety Guide to Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome
How can you protect yourself from Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome? Find out the early symptoms of HAVS and the steps employers should take to protect staff.
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