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Torque Wrenches

A torque wrench is used to determine or apply a set level of torque to a nut or bolt, with level of torque being measured by a dial or digital readout built into the torque wrench. 

We offer many types of torque wrench, including preset torque wrenches and adjustable torque wrenches, as well as dial torque wrenches, clicker torque wrenches, breaking torque wrenches and slipping torque wrenches.

Guides and Advice

Torque Wrenches vs Ratchet Wrenches: Which is Better?
Want to know the differences between a torque wrench and a ratchet wrench? Heamar offers a wide variety of each so you can find the right tool for the job.
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Everything You Need To Know About A Torque Wrench
Do you need to tighten bolts to the right level of torque? Then you need a torque wrench. Heamar offers a variety of nut-tightening tools to monitor torque.
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Choose The Right Torque Wrench For You – Click vs Cam-Over Torque Technology
This blog explains how susceptible the torque limiting mechanism featured in click torque wrenches is to torque failures and how the mechanism in a cam-over torque wrenches safeguards against fastener failings and over-torquing.
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How to Calibrate your Torque Wrench
Calibrating a torque wrench, whether for DIY tasks or your job, can be done following a 10-step process. Find out how & why you should calibrate your wrench.
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