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A socket is designed to fit on the end of a wide range of wrenches, such as a torque wrench or ratchet, to tighten or loosen a fastener, such as a nut of bolt.

We sell a wide range of sockets, such as impact sockets, hex sockets, bi-hex sockets and Torx sockets, as well as multiple adaptors and extensions.

Guides and Advice

A Guide to Socket Set Sizes and Their Uses
With all the socket sets available, it is important to know the differences between them. We’ve compiled a guide to help you find everything you need.
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Choosing Between an Impact or Regular Socket Set
Do you need an impact socket or a regular one? Find out what the difference is between these two sockets and which one is right for your DIY projects.
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What is a Socket & What Are They Used For?
Sockets are very common tools and can be found in most toolboxes. But what exactly is a socket and what are they used for?
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