Bahco FF1A01 1/4" & 1/2" Hex & Bi-Hex Socket Set in Foam with Ratchets - 77 Pieces




  • 77 piece hex, bi-hex and socket set with bits and screwdrivers
  • Stored in foam inlay for easy tool management
  • Contains 1/4" and 1/2" square drive sockets

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  • 77 piece hex, bi-hex and socket set.
  • Stored in foam inlay for easy tool management. This foam inlay is resistant to Skydrol, petrol, water and UV and has two-colour inlay to easily identify missing tools.
  • Contains 1/4" and 1/2" square drive sockets.
  • Ratchets, accessories, screwdrivers and bits also included.

Technical Details

Product Number of Products in SetCase LengthCase WidthCase HeightTotal Weight
FF1A01 77 543mm 445mm 45mm 4810g

Set Includes

Product Product TypeSocket SizeDrive SizeLengthWeight
6700SM-4 Hex Socket 4mm 1/4" square 24.7mm 9g
6700SM-4.5 Hex Socket 4.5mm 1/4" square 24.7mm 10g
6700SM-5 Hex Socket 5mm 1/4" square 24.7mm 10g
6700SM-5.5 Hex Socket 5.5mm 1/4" square 24.7mm 10g
6700SM-6 Hex Socket 6mm 1/4" square 24.7mm 10g
6700SM-7 Hex Socket 7mm 1/4" square 24.7mm 12g
6700SM-8 Hex Socket 8mm 1/4" square 24.7mm 12g
6700SM-9 Hex Socket 9mm 1/4" square 24.7mm 12g
6700SM-10 Hex Socket 10mm 1/4" square 24.7mm 15g
6700SM-11 Hex Socket 11mm 1/4" square 24.7mm 18g
6700SM-12 Hex Socket 12mm 1/4" square 24.7mm 18g
6700SM-13 Hex Socket 13mm 1/4" square 24.7mm 20g
A6800DM-4 Deep Bi-Hex Socket 4mm 1/4" square 50.6mm 16g
A6800DM-5 Deep Bi-Hex Socket 5mm 1/4" square 50.6mm 20g
A6800DM-6 Deep Bi-Hex Socket 6mm 1/4" square 50.6mm 21g
A6800DM-7 Deep Bi-Hex Socket 7mm 1/4" square 50.6mm 25g
A6800DM-8 Deep Bi-Hex Socket 8mm 1/4" square 50.6mm 26g
A6800DM-9 Deep Bi-Hex Socket 9mm 1/4" square 50.6mm 30g
A6800DM-10 Deep Bi-Hex Socket 10mm 1/4" square 50.6mm 33g
A6800DM-11 Deep Bi-Hex Socket 11mm 1/4" square 50.6mm 41g
A6800DM-12 Deep Bi-Hex Socket 12mm 1/4" square 50.6mm 33g
A6800DM-13 Deep Bi-Hex Socket 13mm 1/4" square 50.6mm 53g
7800SM-10 Hex Socket 10mm 1/2" square 38mm 51g
7800SM-11 Hex Socket 11mm 1/2" square 38mm 51g
7800SM-12 Hex Socket 12mm 1/2" square 38mm 60g
7800SM-13 Hex Socket 13mm 1/2" square 38mm 53g
7800SM-14 Hex Socket 14mm 1/2" square 38mm 60g
7800SM-15 Hex Socket 15mm 1/2" square 38mm 64g
7800SM-16 Hex Socket 16mm 1/2" square 38mm 70g
7800SM-17 Hex Socket 17mm 1/2" square 38mm 72g
7800SM-18 Hex Socket 18mm 1/2" square 38mm 76g
7800SM-19 Hex Socket 19mm 1/2" square 38mm 80g
7800SM-22 Hex Socket 22mm 1/2" square 39mm 109g
7800SM-24 Hex Socket 24mm 1/2" square 41mm 121g
7800SM-27 Hex Socket 27mm 1/2" square 44mm 173g
7800SM-30 Hex Socket 30mm 1/2" square 43mm 240g
7800SM-32 Hex Socket 32mm 1/2" square 47mm 227g
7805ZZ-21 Spark Plug Socket 21mm / 13/16" 1/2" square 69mm 150g
59S/PH1 Phillips Bit PH1 1/4" 25mm 5g
59S/PH2 Phillips Bit PH2 1/4" 25mm 5g
59S/PH3 Phillips Bit PH3 1/4" 25mm 5g
59S/0.5-3.0 Slotted Bit 0.5mm - 3mm 1/4" 25mm 5g
59S/0.6-4.5 Slotted Bit 0.6mm - 4.5mm 1/4" 25mm 5g
59S/0.8-5.5 Slotted Bit 0.8mm - 5.5mm 1/4" 25mm 5g
59S/PH2G Phillips Dry Wall Bit PH2 1/4" 25mm 5g
59S/PZ1 Pozidriv bit PZ1 1/4" 25mm 5g
59S/PZ2 Pozidriv bit PZ2 1/4" 25mm 5g
59S/PZ3 Pozidriv bit PZ3 1/4" 25mm 5g
59S/T6 Torx Bit T6 1/4" 25mm 4g
59S/T8 Torx Bit T8 1/4" 25mm 5g
59S/T9 Torx Bit T9 1/4" 25mm 5g
59S/T10 Torx Bit T10 1/4" 25mm 5g
59S/T15 Torx Bit T15 1/4" 25mm 5g
59S/T20 Torx Bit T20 1/4" 25mm 5g
59S/T25 Torx Bit T25 1/4" 25mm 5g
59S/T27 Torx Bit T27 1/4" 25mm 5g
59S/T30 Torx Bit T30 1/4" 25mm 6g
59S/T40 Torx Bit T40 1/4" 25mm 7g
K6650-1/4 Adaptor 1/4" hex 1/4" square 50mm 18g
- Universal Bit Holder 1/4" - - -
813 Slotted Screwdriver 4mm x 100mm - - -
813 Slotted Screwdriver 5.5mm x 150mm - - -
815 Phillips Screwdriver PH1 x 100mm - - -
815 Phillips Screwdriver PH2 x x125mm - - -
6950SL Ratchet - 1/4" square 119mm 90g
8150SL Ratchet - 1/2" square 265mm 440g
6960 Extension Bar - 1/4" square 50mm 23g
6961 Extension Bar - 1/4" square 100mm 45g
8159 Extension Bar - 1/2" square 75mm -
8162 Extension Bar - 1/2" square 250mm -
6966 Universal Joint - 1/4" square 35mm 18g
8166 Universal Joint - 1/2" square 72mm 160g
6954 Sliding T-Handle - 1/4" square 115mm 40g
8154 Sliding T-Handle - 1/2" square 280mm 425g
6956 Spinner Handle - 1/4" square 150mm 102g
6972H Bit Holder 1/4" 1/4" square - -
7807H Hex Bit Holder 1/4" 1/2" square 38mm 70g

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