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What Are the Best Tools For Securing Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts
15 February 2024 16 view(s)

Whether it's DIY or a more professional task, ensuring you fasten nuts and bolts correctly is crucial, and you must use the proper amount of torque to do this. Therefore, use the correct fastening tools to keep your working practices safe.

But what are the fastening tools you need for your project?

This blog explores what you need to achieve the correct torque to fasten nuts and bolts safely.


If you need to secure nuts and bolts in more demanding environments, Safe-T-Cables are the ideal solution and offer the following benefits:

Resilient in Harsh Conditions

Safe-T-Cables are ideal for use in extreme environments, withstanding high temperatures and vibrations 

Enhanced Safety

One of the significant advantages of Safe-T-Cables is they eliminate sharp edges. This design minimises the risk of injuries during installation and ensures a secure fastening process.

Effortless Installation

These cables offer easy installation, saving you valuable time and effort.

High levels of strength

The multiple strands of wire that form Safe-T-Cables provide high tensile strength, making it stronger and safer to use and providing superior fastener retention.

Lightweight and Versatile

If you need a lightweight and versatile tool, the Safe-T-Cable is ideal for various applications, including aerospace and the automotive industry.

Advanced Performance

Safe-T-Cables deliver advanced performance, guaranteeing secure and stable fastening and delivering consistent results even in challenging situations.

Torque Wrenches

Torque is the force an object needs to rotate, and tools such as a torque wrench enable you to tighten a fastener to a predetermined value. A pre-set torque wrench tool is ideal due to the following:

Prevents Damage

By stopping over-tightening or under-tightening, torque wrenches protect components from potential damage, extending the lifespan of the materials used in projects.

Industry Standard

Widely used in the automotive and construction industries, torque wrenches have become a standard tool of choice among professionals due to their accuracy and reliability.

Popular Among DIYers

Torque wrenches are not just for professionals; they are also highly valued by DIY enthusiasts. For home repairs and projects, adjustable torque wrenches are particularly useful. These tools allow for setting different torque values, providing flexibility across various tasks. This versatility is essential for DIYers who may need to adjust torque settings for different sizes and types of fasteners, making it a more cost-effective option than purchasing multiple preset torque wrenches.

Repeated Use

The pre-calibrated nature of a preset torque wrench means it requires no adjustment before use. This feature makes it ideal for situations where you need single, repeated uses at the same torque level, such as in assembly lines.

Critical for Safety

In some industries, using the correct torque can be crucial for safety, such as in the automotive industry for vehicle safety. Torque wrenches are vital to secure components using the proper torque, minimising the risk of accidents due to loose or improperly fastened parts.

Be aware that pre-set torque wrenches come pre-calibrated. For a torque wrench that you can alter the torque value for, we mention adjustable wrenches later in this blog.

Hex Keys

Also known as Allen keys, these L-shaped wrenches have six sides, allowing them to fasten nuts and bolts securely. They have the following features:

Universal Applicability

Hex keys are commonly required for assembling flat-packed furniture and are, therefore, a fantastic addition to any home toolkit. Some flat-packed furniture can come with a hex key included, though there is no guarantee of its quality.

Bicycle Maintenance

Popular among bicycle owners, hex keys are crucial for adjusting various bike components, ensuring a smooth and safe ride.

Six-Sided Precision

The six-sided design of hex keys means it gives six contact surfaces between the fastener and wrench when tightening. This feature means less chance of slipping and improved torque when used. 


Hex keys come in various sizes to accommodate different bolt and nut dimensions, making them incredibly versatile and able to cater to multiple applications.

Adjustable Torque Wrenches

As mentioned previously in this blog, adjustable torque wrenches enable you to calibrate the torque value to suit your circumstances. This wrench allows for the following:

Torque Customisation

Adjustable wrenches enable users to measure and adjust torque according to specific requirements. This ability ensures you can secure fasteners without over-tightening, a crucial aspect of many projects.

Versatility Across Industries

These wrenches find application in diverse industries, including automotive, construction, engineering, maintenance, and home repairs. Their adaptability makes them valuable assets within a toolkit.

Multi-Functional Use

With the ability to handle multiple jobs where exact torque is essential, adjustable wrenches are suitable for various tasks. This feature also makes them ideal for circumstances requiring different torque values to be applied quickly.

Strap Wrenches

For those requiring a tool to hold objects, strap wrenches use tightening belts to create friction, which prevents items from slipping. Strap wrenches provide the following:

Rubber Belt Construction

Typically made from rubber belts, a strap wrench is unlikely to damage the item it holds.

Adjustable Design

Strap wrenches can be adjusted to fit various objects, providing a customised fit for different shapes and sizes and enhancing usability across multiple applications.

Household Utility

Strap wrenches are perfect for tasks involving pipes and circular or cylindrical objects, making them essential tools for home maintenance and repairs.

Low Force Requirement

Unlike some traditional wrenches, strap wrenches require minimal force to achieve a secure grip.

Wide Range of Sizes

Available in different widths and lengths, strap wrenches offer options to match specific needs, ensuring the perfect fit for various objects.

Open-Ended Spanner

The open-ended spanner is a versatile tool to help fasten nuts and bolts in various situations. It has the following features:

Double-Ended Design

The spanner can have one or two heads (one at either end), which can be the same or different sizes. The heads are U-shaped and are usually at a 15o angle to the handle.

Perfect Fit

The opening between the jaws should match the width of the fastener, ensuring a snug and secure fit around the bolt and preventing slipping during tightening.


The tool offers fantastic versatility as you can use it with any fastener with two parallel flat sides. These fasteners include square, hexagonal, and octagonal shapes, making the spanner adaptable to various applications.


With the wide range of tools available, it's crucial to use a suitable model for the job. By using the correct torque level, you can increase the safety, longevity, and performance of your fastenings, ensuring you get the best results.

If you need other hand tools for your tasks, Heamar has an array of options so you can find the ones that cater to your specific requirements. From wrenches to sockets and everything in between, we're here to help you find all your DIY needs.

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