What Is A Wire Stripper And How Do You Use It?

What Is A Wire Stripper And How Do You Use It?

What Is A Wire Stripper?

A wire stripper is a small hand-held tool that is used to remove the insulation from electric wires. These portable hand-held tools are extremely popular among electricians and even DIYers for removing the insulation in order to replace or repair the wire.

We offer a number of different wire strippers with knife-type blades, including the Stripmaster and Custom Stripmaster models from IDEAL which are perfect for precision wire stripping, but we also stock and sell thermal wire strippers from HOTweezers, which are like tweezers and generate heat to easily cut through wire insulation. 

Wire strippers are available in various shapes and sizes and usually have serrated teeth which help to strip the wires. It is important to get the correct wire stripper for the gauge of wire you are stripping.

Wire strippers have a series of labelled holes that match the wire gauges specific for that stripper. When you insert the wire into the correct hole and squeeze the strippers handles together, it precisely slices through the plastic insulation without damaging the wire.


How Do I Use A Wire Stripper?

Although numerous different wire strippers are available, the process for using wire strippers is generally the same, or at least very similar. This is the standard process for using wire strippers:

  1.        Determine the wire gauge and type

Firstly, you need to identify what the gauge of the wire to be stripped is. You can find this printed on the insulation. The gauge will be stated as a number – you should also note whether the wire is solid or stranded.


  1.        Match the wire to the tool

Next you must match the wire gauge with the corresponding hole on the wire stripper. This step is important, because if you choose a hole that is bigger than the wire gauge, the insulation will not be fully cut and it’ll be difficult to strip. If you choose a hole that is smaller than the wire gauge, the wire may be nicked and so compromised.


  1.        Set the wire

You must now set the wire into the wire stripper on the blade side of the correct hole. Slowly press the handles together and the stripper will cut through the insulation on the wire.


  1.        Remove the insulation

Use a slug remover to remove the insulation from the wire. The IDEAL slug remover is the product we recommend (part number: 45333).

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