Bahco 11M-14 14mm Long Combination Wrench




  • High-performance alloy steel, long combination wrench
  • For use with 14mm fasteners
  • 15° open end and ring end angles
  • 12-point Dynamic-Drive™ profile
  • Standards: ISO 691, ISO 3318, ISO 1711-1 and DIN 3113

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With both ends of this long 14mm combination wrench having slim heads and an offset angle of 15°, it means that this combination wrench is ideal for hard-to-reach places. With improved grip, the angled, slimmer heads also mean less possibility of scrapping knuckles or jarring fingers. This is further improved by the patented U-shaped shank design.

The shaft features a high-clarity imprint of its sizing, so you can put your hand on the right wrench. It also features Bahco’s trademarked 12-point (bi-hex) Dynamic Drive, making cross-threading less likely and improving the life of screws, nuts, bolts and other fixings.

Manufactured to Bahco’s high standards, the long alloy steel wrench benefits from a chrome plated micro-matte finish for improved grip and protection.


  • Open end angle 15° with a slimmer head
  • Ring end angle 15° for improved grip
  • 12-point Dynamic-Drive™ profile
  • Chrome plated micro-matte finishing
  • Made from high-performance alloy steel
  • Comfortable to use thanks to the patented U-shaped shank design
  • Ease to read sizing inlaid on the wrench
  • Conforms to standards: ISO 691, ISO 3318, ISO 1711-1 and DIN 3113

Technical Details

Product Long Combination Wrench SizeLengtha2a1b2b1Long Combination Wrench Weight
11M-8 8mm 180mm 7.5mm 4mm 13mm 22mm 45g
11M-9 9mm 180mm 7.5mm 4mm 14.5mm 22mm 45g
11M-10 10mm 200mm 8.5mm 5mm 16mm 26mm 65g
11M-11 11mm 200mm 8.5mm 5mm 17.5mm 26mm 65g
11M-12 12mm 225mm 9.8mm 6mm 19mm 29mm 100g
11M-13 13mm 225mm 9.8mm 6mm 20mm 29mm 100g
11M-14 14mm 250mm 11.4mm 7mm 22mm 33mm 150g
11M-15 15mm 250mm 11.4mm 7mm 23mm 33mm 150g
11M-16 16mm 280mm 12.8mm 8mm 24.5mm 36mm 210g
11M-17 17mm 280mm 12.8mm 8.2mm 26mm 39mm 210g
11M-18 18mm 280mm 13mm 8.2mm 27mm 40mm 210g
11M-19 19mm 310mm 14.5mm 8.2mm 29mm 43mm 290g
11M-21 21mm 310mm 14.5mm 9.5mm 31mm 44.5mm 290g
11M-22 22mm 350mm 16.4mm 10.8mm 33mm 49mm 410g
11M-24 24mm 400mm 18.4mm 11.8mm 36mm 53mm 560g
11M-27 27mm 450mm 20.5mm 13mm 40mm 59mm 750g
11M-30 30mm 500mm 22.5mm 14mm 44.5mm 67mm 1000g
11M-32 32mm 500mm 22.5mm 14mm 47mm 67mm 1000g
11M-36 36mm 550mm 24.5mm 15mm 52mm 77mm 1380g
11M-38 38mm 550mm 24.5mm 15mm 55mm 79mm 1380g

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