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Drone flying
1 November 2023
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What Tools Are Needed to Build a Drone?

Building and maintaining a drone can be complicated. Read our guide on exactly what tools you will need to keep your drone in the air.

Crimp tool on desk
1 November 2023
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How to Choose the Correct Crimping Tool

With the various number of crimping tools available, it can be confusing to know which is the right one for what you need. Take a look at our guide on how to choose the right crimping tool for you.

A man putting in a skirting board
18 October 2023
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How to Sand Skirting Boards With a Cordless Sander

Discover how to sand skirting boards before painting to achieve a flawless finish, from preparing to using the right cordless sander, available at Heamar.

Man cutting branches
10 October 2023
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A Guide to the Best Pruning Tools this Autumn

Discover the essential pruning tools for your autumn garden! From secateurs to pruning saws, transform your space with expert advice and tailored tools.

Air hammer being held
3 October 2023
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4 Types of Air Hammer Attachments Explained

Different air hammer attachments alter the function and capabilities of an air hammer, so using the correct parts is paramount to get the best results possible.

Paint flaking on car door
29 September 2023
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5 Essential Tools for Restoring Faded Car Paint

Faded car paint doesn’t have to mean you have to refinish the vehicle. Here are the five tools you need to restore your car’s surface to its original shine.

Exposed wires
29 September 2023
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What is a Wire Stripper and How Do You Use It?

Read our guide on how to use a wire stripper to precisely remove insulation from wire ends.

Electric sander sanding floor
29 September 2023
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What Tools Do You Need to Sand a Staircase?

Sanding your staircase is essential if you want to paint or varnish it, but what tools do you need? We break down what you need and how to sand your stairs.

Belt sander in use
26 September 2023
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How a Carpenter Can Maintain a Belt Sander

Maintaining a belt sander is easy if you know how! Find out why you should look after your belt sander & the best ways to do it. Tips for carpenters & DIYers!

Wood being drilled
22 September 2023
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6 Ways to Drill a Square Hole into Wood

Sometimes, a square hole in wood is necessary, but how can DIYers create one? Find out the different ways you can cut a square hole into wood.