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25 Must Have Tools and Accessories Every Welder Needs

Welder Tools and Accessories
8 February 2024 27 view(s)

Whether you're a professional welder or someone starting with DIY projects, understanding the essential tools is crucial. So, what tools does a welder use? Which ones do you need?

This blog explores the tools and accessories for your welding projects that won't break your budget, allowing you to obtain everything you need before you begin.

1) Welding Machine

As a fundamental part of the process, the welding machine is ideally suited for various applications, from manufacturing to construction. 

A welding machine offers the means to assemble or disassemble metal components, bringing form and function to different projects. The machine fuses metals by melting and moulding or bonding them through heat and pressure. 

Creating strong and lasting connections between metals makes the welding machine essential in numerous industries.

2) Angle Grinder

A valuable addition to every welder's toolkit, the angle grinder is a handheld power tool renowned for its versatility and precision.

The primary functions of an angle grinder include cutting, grinding, and polishing metal surfaces, making it crucial for welders, both novices and experts alike. 

After welding, excess material often needs removal, and this electric welding tool ensures a smooth, refined finish. Its ability to swiftly and accurately shape metal components enhances the efficiency and quality of your work.

3) Bench Vices

Safety and precision are paramount in welding, making bench vices for welders an indispensable asset. 

Bench vices are robust devices that secure your workpieces, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without the risk of slippage. After you mount the vice to a workbench, it provides a stable platform, enhancing accuracy and safety during welding.

Holding materials in place with unwavering stability is crucial, especially when dealing with intricate or heavy components. This stability not only facilitates the welding process but also guarantees a high level of craftsmanship.

4) Welding Pliers

Cutters and pliers for welders are versatile devices that serve many essential functions. 

Designed with precision and durability, pliers excel at tasks like removing hot materials, eliminating weld splatter, cutting out wires, and even performing light hammering duties. Their adaptability extends to several applications, making them an ideal choice not just for welding but also for activities.

For example, the Bahco Welding Grip pliers have a powerful grip on two workpieces, making them ideal for various situations, including car repair, welding work and assembly.

Their grip ensures a firm hold on materials even in challenging conditions. Whether you're manoeuvring hot components or delicately adjusting wire positions, welding pliers offer unmatched control.

5) Welding Clamps

If you need precision and stability, welding clamps such as the Bahco 283mm C-Clamp are essential. 

Welding clamps are critical in your projects, ensuring that your workpieces remain in place during the welding process. By holding components securely, welding clamps maintain accuracy, which is crucial for achieving high-quality welds.

Moreover, their significance extends to preventing metal warpage, a common challenge during welding. By distributing pressure evenly across the workpiece, these clamps counteract the natural tendency of metals to deform when exposed to high temperatures. This ability not only safeguards the structural integrity of your work but also enhances the overall efficiency of your welding tasks.

6) Steel Wire Brush

A less thought-of tool, the steel wire brush, is pivotal in ensuring the integrity of your welds. 

A steel wire brush, designed with tough bristles, enables you to clean a workpiece before welding. Its abrasive action removes rust, scale, and other contaminants from metal surfaces, guaranteeing a pristine welding surface.

Before every weld, the workpiece must be clean to achieve optimal adhesion. This basic welding tool, such as a steel wire brush, efficiently prepares the metal, eliminating impurities that could compromise the weld's strength and durability. Its cleaning action not only enhances the visual appeal of your work but also ensures the weld's structural integrity.

7) Welding Torch

This sophisticated device is vital for welders, providing a controlled heat source essential for various applications. The oxyacetylene torch's ability to generate a focused flame, whose size and density can be finely tuned, enables welders to direct heat precisely where needed.

When used correctly, the welding torch allows welders to fuse metal to achieve their desired result. 

Whether shaping delicate seams or undertaking heavy-duty repairs, this tool enables you to achieve precise, high-quality welds with control.

8) Welding Table

An often underestimated yet crucial element in a welder's workspace, the welding table is vital for efficiency and safety. 

Ideally positioned at waist height, this specialised work surface provides a stable workplace. The welding table is constructed from robust steel and engineered to endure the intense heat generated during welding.

Its stability not only enhances your accuracy but also ensures safety by preventing accidents caused by unstable work surfaces. 

Furthermore, the table's steel composition enables it to withstand high temperatures, making it an ideal platform for various welding tasks. 

Whether assembling intricate components or tackling large-scale projects, the welding table provides the durability and reliability necessary for every welder, emphasising its indispensable role in your toolkit.

9) Welding Helmet

This tool is crucial for welder safety whilst working. Equipped with advanced auto-darkening technology, this vital piece of safety gear shields your eyes from intense light, ensuring optimal visibility during welding processes. 

Its protective visor not only defends against sparks but also safeguards your head and eyes from potential hazards, providing a secure working environment.

10) Welding Jacket

The welding jacket is a pivotal piece of protective attire, safeguarding the upper body and arms from the dangers of welding. 

These jackets, crafted from durable materials such as suede or leather, can withstand the rigours of the welding environment. What sets them apart is their inherent fire resistance, a quality paramount in situations where sparks and intense heat are commonplace.

11) Sheet Metal Pliers

Sheet metal pliers are indispensable tools for welders seeking fantastic results. 

These specialised pliers excel in creating crimps in metal, a task vital for joining thin sheets effectively. More than just crimping, they delicately form seams, turning rough edges to eliminate contact with sharp edges. This process not only enhances safety by preventing accidents but also ensures a seamless finish, which is vital in various welding applications.

For example, the Bahco Grippers for sheet metal provide a secure lock onto the metal when manipulating the material, making it an invaluable asset. Their ability to work with metal elevates the quality of your project, showcasing the importance of this tool in achieving professional-grade welds.

12) Air Powered Drills

For precision and versatility, air-powered drills are essential, providing adaptability through the many weld drill extensions that cater to various needs and applications.

The availability of weld drill extensions enhances their utility, allowing welders to reach confined spaces and tackle complex angles with ease. From creating pilot holes to enlarging openings, these drills ensure accuracy and efficiency in every task. 

Knowing the diversity of extensions helps welders select the right tool for the job, making air-powered drills crucial for precision in the welding process. For welders at any level, investing in these drills broadens the scope of possibilities, making them an invaluable addition to your toolkit.

Heamar has plenty of weld drill extensions, including the spot weld drill bit, so you have everything you need to utilise these tools.

13) Safety Goggles

Among the fundamental tools for welders are safety goggles to shield against potential hazards. 

Specifically designed to safeguard your eyes, these goggles protect you from metal fragments and sparks generated during welding processes. As welding environments are full of risks, protecting your vision is non-negotiable.

Welding safety glasses are a strong barrier, preventing fine particles and sparks from contacting your eyes and ensuring comfort and security. Understanding their role in preserving your eye health underscores their critical importance.

14) Welding Gloves

Welding gloves protect against burns and blisters, ensuring your hands remain safe during the most demanding tasks. There is a range of options available tailored for specific welding needs. 

For intricate TIG welding projects, leather gloves provide movement and precision, allowing for delicate manoeuvres. Alternatively, beginners benefit from thick welding gloves, offering enhanced insulation and shielding against heat. These gloves not only protect your hands from burns caused by high temperatures but also shield against abrasive surfaces and welding spatter.

Choosing the correct welding gloves is more than a matter of preference—it's a strategic decision that ensures your safety and comfort. By investing in gloves suitable for your specific tasks, you guarantee optimal protection, enabling you to focus on your work confidently.

15) Grinding Visor

This specialised visor acts as a robust shield, safeguarding your eyes from the hazards of dust and flying debris prevalent in grinding and cutting operations. 

Attention to detail is vital in welding, so a clear line of sight is non-negotiable. The grinding visor not only provides a barrier against particles but also enhances your overall safety, allowing you to manoeuvre through tasks with confidence. 

For both beginners and experienced welders, investing in a reliable grinding visor is essential, promoting not just safety but also efficiency and accuracy in every project.

16) Steel Toe Work Boots

For those requiring protection for their feet, steel-toe work boots are crafted for heavy-duty protection, making them indispensable for welders working amidst metal and machinery. 

Their defining feature — a reinforced steel toe cap — protects your toes from the impact of falling metal objects and heavy materials.

With their robust build and reliable shielding, steel-toe work boots not only enhance your safety but also grant you the confidence to focus on your craft, making them an integral addition to your toolkit.

17) Ear Protection

Working in loud environments, such as welding, means protecting your ears. 

Without ear defenders, welders are vulnerable to permanent hearing damage. The high decibel levels generated during welding operations can cause irreversible harm, making ear protection indispensable for professionals working in this environment.

By investing in quality ear defenders, you not only reduce immediate discomfort but also protect your hearing from the cumulative effects of prolonged exposure to loud noise.

18) Welding Magnet

When dealing with ferromagnetic workpieces, a welding magnet is a valuable investment. Its purpose is twofold: to secure these pieces and prevent any unwanted shifts during the welding process. By employing the magnetic force, welding magnets enhance both safety and performance significantly.

The stability that welding magnets provide not only ensures the accuracy of your work but also minimises the risk of accidents, making it an essential tool, particularly for beginners.

19) Chipping Hammer

When working with welding, you must choose a hammer that works for your project. 

A chipping hammer, with its distinctive, striking head and flat chisel-bevelled end, is a perfect tool in every welder's toolkit. Its primary purpose is to clean and remove slag, the residue left after welding, from welds. This task holds enormous significance; removing slag ensures the weld's integrity, creating a clean surface for subsequent welds or inspections.

The chipping hammer's ability to clean welds underscores its importance in the welding process. Its precise action elevates the quality of your work, making it an essential DIY welding tool for welders wanting brilliant results.

20) Heat Shield

A heat shield, crafted from heat-resistant materials, is an essential tool to protect a welder's hands, especially when dealing with hot metals. 

This shield acts as a barrier, protecting your fingers from the intense heat generated during welding processes.

The heat shield not only prevents painful burns but also allows for precise and controlled movements, enhancing both safety and accuracy in your work. 

For beginners, grasping the significance of this tool means ensuring your hands remain unscathed and capable, promoting confidence in your welding endeavours. For seasoned professionals, it becomes a mark of professionalism and a testament to a meticulous approach to craftsmanship. Every welder, regardless of experience, benefits from the security provided by a heat shield, making it a fundamental addition to their equipment.

21) Metal Files

For those wanting tools to shape and refine metal surfaces, metal files are known for this ability. These versatile instruments file large metal areas accurately, ensuring smooth and polished finishes.

Various files are available, each tailored for specific uses, so you must find the correct file for your task. A welding file set is perfect for any welder, providing all the tools you need to operate. These sets include:

  • 1 x standard file
  • 1 x flat file
    This file is ideal for working on a ring's outside curve, larger, flat metal areas, and straightening edges.
  • 1 x half round file
    With one rounded and one flat side, the half round file can create various curved shapes and cutouts, depending on the angle you use.
  • 1 x hand file
    This device tends to be long and has a pointed tip at one end. The hand file is useful when your project requires intricate details.
  • 1 x square file
    The file tapers to a narrower tip at one end, with the base tending to be wider. It is usually between six and 18 inches long.
  • 1 x three square file
    The three square file has a triangular cross section and is suited for filing internal angles and clearing out square corners.

22) Welding Cart

A welding cart, a practical addition to any welder's workspace, serves dual roles: storage and transportation. This cart stores your welding tools, providing designated spaces for your welding machine, gas cylinders, and various accessories and ensuring efficient organisation within your workshop.

Moreover, the welding cart simplifies the transportation of your tools, allowing you to move your equipment swiftly and securely to different work locations. 

Investing in a welding cart not only maintains the longevity of your tools by preventing damage but also promotes an orderly work environment.

23) Welding Sleeves

Made from durable leather, welding sleeves are an essential protective gear for welders, shielding their arms from sparks and heat. They are heat-resistant, ensuring optimal safety while working in high-temperature environments. Unlike standard clothing, the specialised sleeves provide an extra defence against welding-related hazards.

Welding sleeves extend up to the shoulder, offering comprehensive protection for the upper body. 

24) Welding Nozzle Gel

This crucial tool is pivotal in ensuring the efficiency and longevity of welding equipment. The gel, when applied to welding nozzles, is a preventive measure against the build-up of splatter and clogging, two common issues faced during welding processes.

By preventing splatter build-up and nozzle clogging, the welding nozzle gel ensures a consistent and smooth gas flow, which is essential for precise and high-quality welds. 

Investing in welding nozzle gel isn't just about maintenance; it's a strategic decision to uphold the efficiency of your equipment. By incorporating this tool into your toolkit, you guarantee uninterrupted workflow and superior weld quality, making it an essential asset for welders at all skill levels.

25) Marking Tools

Marking tools, such as soapstone, are vital for precision and accuracy. These tools, resistant to intense heat, provide welders with the means to mark and measure materials effectively.

In welding, having a welder's marking pen that won't rub off or burn ensures that your measurements and guidelines stay intact throughout the process. No matter your experience with welding, investing in high-quality marking tools is a fundamental step toward achieving professional-grade results.


While our list covers essential equipment, remember it's not exhaustive. There are various other tools you can invest in for welding, but these are the necessary ones for those on a budget.

If you want more equipment for your toolbox, Heamar has a broad array of high-quality hand tools and accessories to help with all your needs. Whether you enjoy DIY or use equipment professionally, Heamar has everything you need to complete your projects.

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