The Importance of Choosing the Best Torque Tools For Safe and Reliable Aircraft Repair

The Importance of Choosing the Best Torque Tools For Safe and Reliable Aircraft Repair

Mountz Inc, The Torque Tool Specialists, manufacture a wide range of torque tools, torque analysers and sensors, and torque accessories.

Engineered in the Silicon Valley and serving the globe, Mountz have been a leader in the Torque Tool Industry for more than 50 years and focus on delivering high-quality torque products, services and solutions to their customers worldwide.


The Importance Of Using The Best Torque Tools For Aircraft Repair

Statistically speaking, flying is the safest way of travelling. This is thanks to the highly skilled engineers of the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) industry, as well as the quality tools they utilise.

A commercial aircraft typically flies between 31,000 and 38,000 feet high and usually reaches a cruising altitude in the first 10 minutes of a flight. They are powered by large engines that operate between 10,000 and 25,000 RPM, while the micro turbines can spin as fast as 500,000 RPM.

Considering these facts, it is a testament to the MRO industry that air travel is considered the safest mode of transport. It indicates just how much care is taken with aircraft repairs as well as the reliability and quality of the tools used for these repairs.

Regarding the maintenance, repair and overhaul of an aircraft, it is essential that every element is tightened to strict specifications. This requires both knowledge from the engineers as well as quality tooling that will allow them to have precise control.


Why Is It Important The Precise Specifications In Aircraft Repairs Be Adhered To?

The power and speed of aircraft engines create an incredible amount of vibration on every individual element of the aircraft. As a result, any ill-fitting parts can become loose. When you are in a plane, far above the ground and travelling at high-speed, the last thing you want is a loose part as this can cause a major incident.

To avoid any loose parts, fasteners must be applied with the correct force to ensure that they will hold over the entire maintenance cycle of the aircraft.

This force that holds fasteners in place is called torque. Torque is the measurement of radial force that is exerted on a fastener. It is measured by multiplying the force applied by its distance from the application point.

On an aircraft, each fastener will have a specific torque value that must be adhered to in order for it to hold securely. If too little torque is applied, the fastener can vibrate loose and cause issues for the aircraft. Conversely, if too much torque is applied, the fastener itself can be damaged. Again, this can lead to the fastener becoming loose when exposed to the vibration, pressure and friction stress experienced on an aircraft.

Consequently, utilising high-quality tools to ensure the correct torque is applied is paramount to aircraft safety.


Choosing The Best Torque Tools For Safe And Reliable Aircraft Repair

It is crucial to use the correct fasteners with the specified torque during aircraft MRO. This can only be achieved with precision torque tools, including torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers and torque analysers, all of which are manufactured by Mountz.

Where space is limited, torque wrenches from Mountz allow for fasteners to be tightened without requiring much clearance. Torque screwdrivers, such as the Mountz FG Preset Torque Screwdriver range, are a great choice for smaller screws and spaces. These tools feature a cam-over design that prevents over torqueing for maximum accuracy.

Torque analysers including the Mountz EZ-TorQ III make torque control easier and more available across every aspect of the line from the calibration lab to the assembly station. They ensure quick and easy validation of different torque ranges as and when it is needed.


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