Bahco E72 Storage Hub Guide

Bahco E72 Storage Hub Guide

Tool trolleys are a great way to organise a wide variety of tools. Whilst a tool box is ideal for portability and on-the-go repairs and maintenance, a tool trolley can accommodate many more tools and better segment them into different drawers.

The Bahco E72 Storage Hub is the perfect example of a tool trolley with ultimate performance, unrivalled flexibility and optimum safety. This tool trolley can be easily and cleverly designed specifically for you and your tools.

The E72 Storage Hub is a functional and modular tool trolley that includes a one-drawer-at-a-time safety feature as well as an intuitive locking system. There are also a wide variety of accessories that can be added to the tool trolley for ultimate customisability.

The E72 Storage Hub is much more than just a heavy-duty tool trolley packed with innovations. Bahco have expanded their knowledge and improved upon their previous generations of tool trolleys to produce the E72 which has excellent reliability and an outstanding lifespan with the same first-rate performance you can expect from Bahco tools. It combines functionality, safety and performance and you can personalise it with all the features that you would like. This makes the Storage Hub the centre of any work area, packed with innovations for optimal support.

Features and Improvements

At the heart of the E72 is the super strong exterior. The innovative, strong case is a key element of the E72 and is built with first-class steel. It has strategically positioned welding points and reinforced with special brackets, all combined with a scratchproof power coating to protect it against corrosion. Additionally, the E72 has a dual-walled case that ensures optimal performance even after a collision.

Exterior Features include - 

  •        Dual-Walled Case

If the outside wall is damaged in a collision, the dual-walled case ensures that the drawers will always open.

  •        Scratchproof Power Coating

The inside and outside of the case and drawers have been give a scratchproof powder coating, with the same high standards used by car manufacturers. When this is combined with the first-class raw materials, the core is extremely durable.

  •        Perforated Side Panels

The sides have special perforation slots into which you can hook different tool panels and holders, which are designed to enlarge the tool storage capacity.

  •        Solid Steel Construction

The dual-walled case is strengthened with strategically-positioned welding points, minimising the possibility of cracking. Key areas are reinforced with special brackets to make the Storage Hub even stronger. The top and bottom panels are also made from one piece, so the trolley can perform in the most demanding environments.


The E72 Storage Hub has been designed to offer market-leading levels of safety and performance in a streamlined model. This tool trolley is specifically deisgned for heavy-duty work and can accommodate up to 1,500 tools. This next generation tool trolley can be combined with innovative accessories which can be easily added to the side panels.

Further features include

  •        Protects Against Collisions

The E72 is equipped with shock-protecting corner bumpers made of fibre-strengthened plastic, so it can easily handle a knock. The rounded design with no sharp edges minimises the chance of injuries and damage to surrounding objects.

  •        Strong Steel Top

The one-piece bench top with steel rim strengthens the core of the Storage Hub. It also prevents your tools from falling off the edges. 

  •        Solid Handle

The Storage Hub has a solid handle in a user-friendly design. If more control is needed, a second handle can be attached to the opposite side of the tool trolley.

  •        Drawers Open Fully

The unique 1DAAT-system ensures that only one drawer can be opened at a time, which prevents the trolley from falling over unexpectedly through overloading. The drawers stay shut automatically when the trolley is being moved thanks to the new latching system.

  •        Rubber Wheels For Use On Any Surface

The noiseless rubber wheels ensure maximum stability, making the trolley easy to manoeuvre, even on irregular surfaces. The wheels will leave no marking and are resistant to most common lubricants. They have a static capacity of 600kg.

  •        Anti-Theft Round Locking System

The round locking system protects the Storage Hub against theft. A compact key holder with a user-friendly grip is also available, including two keys.


The E72 Storage Hub is fully customisable and so comes in many different varieties.

It is available in four different colours:

  •        Orange – RAL2009
  •        Red – RAL3001
  •        Blue – RAL5002
  •        Black – RAL9005

Colours available for Bahco E72 tool trolley

It is available in three different drawer configurations:

Accessories include:

  •        Interchangeable bench top in chestnut wood – 1472K-ACTW
  •        Side tool panel for adding Bahco hooks range – 1477-ACTW
  •        Hook system (19 different hook types available) – 149TP-****
  •        Document holder – 1477K-AC19
  •        Spray canister holder – 1477K-AC20
  •        Roll holder – 1477K-AC18
  •        Powertool holder – 1477K-AC21

All metal accessories have an anti-rust steel coated body.

Get in touch with us for more information on customising your tool trolley.

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