How Do I Choose A Screwdriver?

How Do I Choose A Screwdriver?

Screwdrivers are a household essential and one of the most useful tools in any tool kit. We have a fantastic range of screwdrivers from many big brands like Bahco and Stahlwille that are suitable for various different jobs. Discover the five main types of screwdriver tips and what applications they are best used for.


What is a screwdriver?

A screwdriver is a hand tool that can either be manual or electric and is used for screwing and unscrewing screws. A typical, simple screwdriver has a handle and a shaft that ends in the screwdriver tip. The shaft is usually made from tough steel that is resistant to bending or twisting. The handle is typically made from wood, metal or plastic to give the user the best grip possible. A screwdriver is classified by its tip which is shaped to fit the surface of the screw head. Screwdrivers are available with a wide variety of tips and in different sizes.


What types of screwdriver are there?

There are many different varieties of screwdrivers. The main 5 types of screwdriver tips are Flat Head, Phillips, TorxHex and Pozidriv.


Flat Head

This is one of the most popular types of screwdriver tip. As the name suggests, it has a flat-shaped tip with a single slot that fits into a slotted screw head. This type of screwdriver tip is prone to sometimes slipping sideways out of a screw head slot when a lot of pressure is applied.

Bahco BE-8240 Flat Head Screwdriver 4mmx175mm


This type of screwdriver tip is extremely popular among professionals. The tip looks like a cross sign from the front and as it is angled, you can fit the tip deeper into the screw than other types of screwdriver tips. This means that there's no risk of the tip sliding out of the screw head. These types of screwdriver are designed to slip out of the screw head when a certain torque limit is exceeded.

Bahco BE-8621 Phillips Screwdriver PH2x100mm


Torx tip screwdrivers are very common and often used by automotive engineers. This type of screwdriver tip has a star shape with 6 rounded ends. Because of the circular shape, there is a low radial force in a Torx tip screwdriver which increases the life of the screw and the screwdriver. A much higher torque can be transferred using the same amount of force than with a Phillips or Pozidriv tip. This means there is a lesser chance of the screwdriver slipping out of the screw head making it a very reliable type of screwdriver.

Bahco BE-7530 ERGO Torx Screwdriver T30x150mm


The shape of this tip is recognisable as a hexagon with its six straight sides. Hex tip screwdrivers are often used to fasten bolts rather than screws. The most common type of tool that this tip is used on is an Allen Key or Wrench. These are very often used in bike maintenance or furniture assembly.

Bahco BE-8705 Hexagonal Ball End Screwdriver 5x100mm


The Pozidriv screwdriver tip has two cross-like shapes layered over each other at an angle. This type of tip is very widely used in Europe and provides a better resistance to slipping, offering more stability than a Phillips tip. Because of this, Pozidriv screwdriver tips are often used for applications which require high torque for tightening of the screw.

Bahco BE-8820 Pozidriv Screwdriver PZ2x100mm

You can shop our full range of screwdrivers including those with Flat Head, Phillips, Torx, Hex and Pozidriv tips as well as screwdriver sets here.

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