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5 Types of Crimping Tool Explained

Four hand operated crimping tools
11 May 2023 984 view(s)

From manually operated to battery-powered; there are various crimp tools available on the market, each with its advantages.

Designed to connect components, such as wires and cables, by pressing them together and creating a crimp (seal), using crimping tools is commonplace within various industries.

Continue reading this blog to ensure you order the right one for your requirements.

1) Hand-held

Handheld crimping tool

Since they are a precision tool, hand operated crimps are ideal for use on small objects and widely used for military, aerospace, and aviation applications. 

Hand-held crimping tools visually resemble traditional pliers and are easily portable due to their size. 

They are less expensive than their counterparts; however, they are not to be used as frequently as other crimping tools.

2) Electrical

Klauke ek50ml electromechanical crimping tool

Also known as battery-powered crimping tools, electrical crimping tools require less physical effort than their manually operated counterparts. Additionally, they apply more force, sometimes needed for certain materials, such as aluminium.

Depending on the crimping tool’s footings, different models of electrical crimping tools are available to meet these requirements.

Although electrical crimping tools are more expensive than hand-held ones, you would use them more frequently.

3) Hydraulic

Klauke hk45 hydraulic crimping tool

Hydraulic crimping tools provide compression power via a hydraulic fluid supply. 

For heavy-duty jobs, such as maintenance, repairs and industrial applications they are designed to deliver maximum power.

These tools connect two ends of wires, cables or other flexible materials that require over 200 crimps per day.

Due to their versatility, hydraulic crimping tools come in different variations, such as hand-hydraulic or remote-hydraulic models, giving you plenty of options for your specific crimping task.

4) Pneumatic

Astro apc708 pneumatic crimping tool

Another tool often used for heavy-duty applications is the pneumatic crimping tool, not least because it functions at the touch of a button, making it easy for the user to operate. 

The joining process is powered by compressed air, creating crimps on wires, connectors and other materials.

Air-based crimping tools, also known as pneumatic, and hydraulic crimping tools, provide high amounts of power, widely used in industries such as the automotive sector for fast and efficient crimping.

5) Benchtop

Klauke thk22 hydraulic benchtop crimping tool

For regular crimping within industrial settings, a benchtop is a reliable choice.

Mounted securely to a workbench, it enables the user to crimp with precision.

Benchtop crimping tools are much bulkier than their counterparts providing required crimping power on more demanding applications.

The Functions Of Specific Crimping Tools

1) Mini Crimping Tool

DMC AFM8 mini crimping tool

A manually-operated tool, such as the DMC AFM8 Miniature Step Adjustable Crimp Tool, is lightweight and versatile. Specifically designed for use on thin wires, this type of crimping tool is essential when precision is required.

Additionally, most mini crimping tools have rotatable flip-top heads, allowing for flexibility within areas where space is restrictive. 

2) AMP Crimp Tool

amp crimp tool

Also known as an Amp Connector, an Amp Crimp Tool is a multi-pin device usually fitted within a plastic housing. Initially developed for use in test and measurement equipment where precise execution, this tool is vital throughout the crimping process.

This type of crimp tool improves the mechanical and electrical performance of various applications. They can deliver a precise force to create uniform crimps.

Some common sectors that rely on amp crimp tools are:

  • Broadband & fibre optic cabling companies
  • Wireless markets e.g. phone & 5G data networks
  • Automotive industry
  • Railway maintenance

3) PEX Crimp Tool

PEX Crimp tool

This type of crimp tool is popular amongst professionals and DIYers alike.

PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) is a type of flexible plastic used for most modern water pipes that is easy to connect with a PEX crimp tool. 

Plumbers also find this tool particularly useful as a PEX crimp tool can help to create a watertight seal without distorting the pipe. 

4) Auto Electrical Crimp Tool

Car engines require multiple durable electrical connectors and cables; an auto electrical crimp tool is ideal. This type of crimping tool provides hard-wearing joins between cables.

Auto electrical crimp tools are suitable for non-insulated, pre-insulated, battery and ignition terminals.

5) Bootlace Crimp Tool

Klauke k304k crimping tool

A bootlace crimp tool, also known as a ferrule crimping plier, connects bootlace ferrules. This particular tool self-adjusts according to the ferrule’s size. 

Bootlace ferrules require different forms of crimping compared to those for standard applications.

The grips of the ferrule crimping plier have ergonomically designed grips for optimum comfort for the user.

Heamar has a variety of crimping tools to choose from, making it easier for you to find the right one for your specific crimping needs. Find the right tool for your job today.

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