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Banding tools are widely used across the aviation industry and include banding tools and banding straps, which are designed to keep wire harnesses in place.

Guides and Advice

Lacelok vs Cable Ties: Which One Should You Use?
Discover the ultimate cable management solution and determine which is right for you. Explore Heamar's LaceLok kit and make informed choices for your projects.
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Everything You Need to Know About Safe-T-Cables
Need a heat-resistant cable tie? Safe-T-Cables perform in many demanding environments, increasing the safety of integral industries.
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How to Reduce Damage to Wire Bundles
Preventing wire damage is challenging, but there are ways to reduce it, enhancing the overall performance of applications. Find out how to minimise wire damage.
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What is LaceLok and why is it the Smarter Option?
Do you need chemical-resistant & lightweight cable ties for electrical systems? Discover the benefits of LaceLok & how it has transformed wire harness support.
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