Bahco S138 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" Hex Socket Set with Combination Spanners, Bits & Ratchets - 138 Pieces




  • Set of high-performance alloy steel 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" square drive sockets
  • Includes combination spanners, crow foot wrenches, various bits and hex keys
  • Ratchets and accessories included
  • Adheres to standards ISO 1174 and DIN 3120

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  • 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" imperial and metric hex socket set with ratchets, combination spanners and accessories.
  • Sockets made from high performance alloy steel with a matte finish.
  • The included case is robust, shock and temperature proof because it is made from high density polythene (HDPE).
  • Adheres to standards ISO 1174 and DIN 3120.

Technical Details

ProductNumber of Products in SetCase LengthCase WidthCase HeightTotal Weight

Set Includes

ProductProduct TypeSocket SizeDrive SizeLengthWeight
6700SM-4Hex Socket4mm1/4" Square24.7mm9g
6700SM-4.5Hex Socket4.5mm1/4" Square24.7mm10g
6700SM-5Hex Socket5mm1/4" Square24.7mm10g
6700SM-5.5Hex Socket5.5mm1/4" Square24.7mm10g
6700SM-6Hex Socket6mm1/4" Square24.7mm10g
6700SM-7Hex Socket7mm1/4" Square24.7mm12g
6700SM-8Hex Socket8mm1/4" Square24.7mm12g
6700SM-9Hex Socket9mm1/4" Square24.7mm12g
6700SM-10Hex Socket10mm1/4" Square24.7mm15g
6700SM-11Hex Socket11mm1/4" Square24.7mm18g
6700SM-12Hex Socket12mm1/4" Square24.7mm18g
6700SM-13Hex Socket13mm1/4" Square24.7mm20g
-Deep Hex Socket4mm1/4" Square--
-Deep Hex Socket5mm1/4" Square--
-Deep Hex Socket6mm1/4" Square--
-Deep Hex Socket7mm1/4" Square--
-Deep Hex Socket8mm1/4" Square--
-Deep Hex Socket9mm1/4" Square--
-Deep Hex Socket10mm1/4" Square--
-Deep Hex Socket11mm1/4" Square--
-Deep Hex Socket12mm1/4" Square--
-Deep Hex Socket13mm1/4" Square--
7400SM-6Hex Socket6mm3/8" Square25.5mm10g
7400SM-7Hex Socket7mm3/8" Square25.5mm40g
7400SM-8Hex Socket8mm3/8" Square25.5mm16g
7400SM-9Hex Socket9mm3/8" Square25.5mm19g
7400SM-10Hex Socket10mm3/8" Square25.5mm19g
7400SM-11Hex Socket11mm3/8" Square25.5mm20g
7400SM-12Hex Socket12mm3/8" Square25.5mm22g
7400SM-13Hex Socket13mm3/8" Square25.5mm22g
7400SM-14Hex Socket14mm3/8" Square27mm23g
7400SM-15Hex Socket15mm3/8" Square27mm25g
7400SM-16Hex Socket16mm3/8" Square27mm40g
7400SM-17Hex Socket17mm3/8" Square27mm30g
7400SM-18Hex Socket18mm3/8" Square27mm40g
7400SM-19Hex Socket19mm3/8" Square29mm40g
7400SM-21Hex Socket21mm3/8" Square29mm73
7400SM-22Hex Socket22mm3/8" Square31mm78g
7800SM-10Hex Socket10mm1/2" Square38mm51g
7800SM-11Hex Socket11mm1/2" Square38mm51g
7800SM-12Hex Socket12mm1/2" Square38mm60g
7800SM-13Hex Socket13mm1/2" Square38mm53g
7800SM-14Hex Socket14mm1/2" Square38mm60g
7800SM-15Hex Socket15mm1/2" Square38mm64g
7800SM-16Hex Socket16mm1/2" Square38mm70g
7800SM-17Hex Socket17mm1/2" Square38mm72g
7800SM-18Hex Socket18mm1/2" Square38mm76g
7800SM-19Hex Socket19mm1/2" Square38mm80g
7800SM-20Hex Socket20mm1/2" Square40mm100g
7800SM-21Hex Socket21mm1/2" Square37mm90g
7800SM-22Hex Socket22mm1/2" Square39mm109g
7800SM-23Hex Socket23mm1/2" Square38mm120g
7800SM-24Hex Socket24mm1/2" Square41mm121g
7800SM-27Hex Socket27mm1/2" Square44mm173g
7800SM-32Hex Socket32mm1/2" Square47mm227g
7800SM-34Hex Socket34mm1/2" Square50mm350g
-Hex Socket3/8"1/2" Square--
-Hex Socket7/16"1/2" Square--
-Hex Socket1/2"1/2" Square--
-Hex Socket9/16"1/2" Square--
-Hex Socket11/16"1/2" Square--
-Hex Socket3/4"1/2" Square--
-Hex Socket13/16"1/2" Square--
-Hex Socket7/8"1/2" Square--
-Hex Socket1 3/16"1/2" Square--
-Ratchet-1/4" Square150mm-
-Ratchet-3/8" Square200mm-
-Ratchet-1/2" Square250mm-
-Combination Spanner7mm---
-Combination Spanner8mm---
-Combination Spanner9mm---
-Combination Spanner10mm---
-Combination Spanner11mm---
-Combination Spanner12mm---
-Combination Spanner13mm---
-Combination Spanner14mm---
-Combination Spanner15mm---
-Combination Spanner16mm---
-Combination Spanner17mm---
-Combination Spanner18mm---
-Combination Spanner19mm---
-Crow Foot Wrench10mm3/8" Square--
-Crow Foot Wrench11mm3/8" Square--
-Crow Foot Wrench13mm3/8" Square--
-Crow Foot Wrench14mm3/8" Square--
-Crow Foot Wrench15mm3/8" Square--
-Crow Foot Wrench17mm3/8" Square--
-Crow Foot Wrench18mm3/8" Square--
-Crow Foot Wrench19mm3/8" Square--
-Torx BitT8---
-Torx BitT10---
-Torx BitT15---
-Torx BitT20---
-Torx BitT25---
-Torx BitT27---
-Torx BitT30---
-Torx BitT40---
-Torx BitT45---
-Hex Bit3mm---
-Hex Bit4mm---
-Hex Bit5mm---
-Hex Bit6mm---
-Hex Bit8mm---
-Hex Bit10mm---
-Phillips BitPH0---
-Phillips BitPH1---
-Phillips BitPH2---
-Phillips BitPH3---
-Phillips BitPH4---
-Pozidriv BitPZ0---
-Pozidriv BitPZ1---
-Pozidriv BitPZ2---
-Pozidriv BitPZ3---
-Slotted Bit4mm---
-Slotted Bit5.5mm---
-Slotted Bit7mm---
-Hex Key1.5mm---
-Hex Key2mm---
-Hex Key2.5mm---
-Spark Plug Socket21mm / 13/16"3/8" Square--
-Spark Plug Socket16mm / 5/8"3/8" Square--
-Spark Plug Socket18mm3/8" Square--
-Extension Bar-3/8" Square75mm-
-Extension Bar-3/8" Square150mm-
-Extension Bar-1/2" Square125mm-
-Extension Bar-1/2" Square250mm-
-Extension Bar-1/4" Square50mm-
-Extension Bar-1/4" Square100mm-
-Flexible Extension Bar-1/4" Square150mm-
-Universal Joint-1/4" Square--
-Universal Joint-3/8" Square--
-Universal Joint-1/2" Square--
-Bit Holder-1/4"--
-Bit Adaptor1/4"1/4" Square--
-Bits Ratchet----
-Sliding T-BarAdaptor to 3/8" Female1/2"--
-Sliding T-Bar-1/4"106mm-
-Spinner Handle-1/4"150mm-

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