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Bahco Reciprocating sawblades




The Sandflex® standard shaped with improved performance and precision-ground teeth. Virtually unbreakable Sandflex® bi-metal blade for all materials and type of cut. Specially developed for cutting metal.

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Bahco Reciprocating sawblades

  • The Sandflex® standard shaped with improved performance and precision-ground teeth
  • Virtually unbreakable Sandflex® bi-metal blade for all materials and type of cut
  • Specially developed for cutting metal
  • Standard (ST) shape for fast and aggressive straight cuts
  • Available in two different packaging alternatives:1. An innovative self-service pack, -5P = 5 blades per cassette2. Industrial pack, -10P = 10 blades per box. Most popular items also available bulk packed, -100P = 100 blades per box
3840-100-14-ST-5P100 mm0.89 mm14ST75 g
3840-100-18-ST-5P100 mm0.89 mm18ST75 g
3840-100-24-ST-5P100 mm0.89 mm24ST75 g
3840-150-6-ST-5P150 mm1.27 mm6ST145 g
3840-150-8/12-ST-5P150 mm0.89 mm8/12ST120 g
3840-150-10-ST-5P150 mm0.89 mm10ST120 g
3840-150-14-ST-5P150 mm0.89 mm14ST120 g
3840-150-18-ST-5P150 mm0.89 mm18ST120 g
3840-150-24-ST-5P150 mm0.89 mm24ST120 g
3840-228-8/12-ST-5P228 mm1.27 mm8/12ST170 g
3840-228-10-ST-5P228 mm0.89 mm10ST170 g
3840-228-14-ST-5P228 mm0.89 mm14ST170 g
3840-228-18-ST-5P228 mm0.89 mm18ST175 g
3840-300-14-ST-5P300 mm0.89 mm14ST230 g
3840-300-18-ST-5P300 mm0.89 mm18ST230 g
3840-100-14-ST-10P100 mm0.89 mm14ST115 g
3840-100-18-ST-10P100 mm0.89 mm18ST115 g
3840-100-24-ST-10P100 mm0.89 mm24ST115 g
3840-150-6-ST-10P150 mm1.27 mm6ST250 g
3840-150-8/12-ST-10P150 mm0.89 mm8/12ST170 g
3840-150-10-ST-10P150 mm0.89 mm10ST185 g
3840-150-14-ST-10P150 mm0.89 mm14ST185 g
3840-150-18-ST-10P150 mm0.89 mm18ST170 g
3840-150-24-ST-10P150 mm0.89 mm24ST185 g
3840-228-8/12-ST-10P228 mm1.27 mm8/12ST290 g
3840-228-10-ST-10P228 mm0.89 mm10ST290 g
3840-228-14-ST-10P228 mm0.89 mm14ST290 g
3840-228-18-ST-10P228 mm0.89 mm18ST295 g
3840-300-14-ST-10P300 mm0.89 mm14ST395 g
3840-300-18-ST-10P300 mm0.89 mm18ST390 g
3840-150-8/12-ST-100P150 mm0.89 mm8/12ST1700 g
3840-150-10-ST-100P150 mm0.89 mm10ST1200 g
3840-150-14-ST-100P150 mm0.89 mm14ST1850 g
3840-150-18-ST-100P150 mm0.89 mm18ST1700 g
3840-150-24-ST-100P150 mm0.89 mm24ST1850 g
3840-228-8/12-ST-100P228 mm127 mm8/12ST280 g
3840-228-10-ST-100P228 mm0.89 mm10ST2800 g
3840-228-14-ST-100P228 mm0.89 mm14ST2800 g
3840-228-18-ST-100P228 mm0.89 mm18ST2950 g
3840-300-14-ST-100P300 mm0.89 mm14ST3950 g
3840-300-18-ST-100P300 mm0.89 mm18ST3900 g
3840-150-6-ST-100P150 mm127 mm6ST145 g
3840-150-6-ST09-10P150 mm0.89 mm6ST185 g

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