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  • The Daylight Flexi-Vision Floor Lamp is the result of extensive research and collaboration with the RNIB and other low vision specialists. 
  • VAT exemption may be available for people with low vision. 
  • This floor lamp has a 2 year guarantee.  

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The Daylight Flexi-Vision Floor Lamp is the result of extensive research and collaboration with the RNIB and other low vision specialists.

The Daylight Flexi-vision™ Floor lamp regroups all the best features to make it the ultimate reading lamp.

The 15W daylight™ energy saving bulb (100W equivalent) reduces glare and improves contrast allowing you to read and write for longer in optimal comfort.

With the new multi-swivel system and flexible arm, you can direct the light exactly where you need it and use this lamp on a sofa or at a table. The lamps comes with the bulb included.

The Flexi-vision™ Floor lamp is also one of the safest lamps on the market with clear on/off switch location, anti-trip cable holders and low heat shade. 

This floor lamp comes with a 2 Year Guarantee.

If you have low vision and are disabled you may be able to purchase this item exempt from VAT.  Please download and complete the VAT exemption form below, then email it to  Once we have confirmed the exemption we will contact you to process your order.

Technical Details

  • Light source: LED
  • Lux output at 30cm (12"): 2,650 Lux
  • Light colour temperature:  6,500°K
  • Energy consumption: 15W
  • Product colour: Chrome
  • Product dimensions: 146cm x 25cm x 54cm (57.5” x 9.8” x 21.3”)
  • Maximum Reach:  46cm (18.1”)
  • Product Weight: 6kg (13.2lbs)
  • Cable length: 2 metres (78.7”)


Key Features

  • Unique floor lamp, designed in cooperation with the RNIB.
  • Flexible lamp for reading on a sofa or at a table.
  • Low heat shade with 15W Daylight bulb (100W equivalent).
  • Lamp brightness 2650 Lux at 30cm.
  • Daylight technology reduces glare and improves contrast.
  • Height adjustable (155cm maximum height to 110cm minimum height) for reading on a sofa or at a table.
  • 46cm Flexible arm for easy positioning and extra reach.
  • Multi-swivel head to direct the light where you need it.
  • Anti-trip cable holders and clear on/off switch location.
  • Large wing nut for easy height adjustment.
  • Well balanced base for enhanced stability.

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Daylight D31067 Datasheet

Datasheet for Daylight D31067 Flexi-Vision Floor Lamp

Download (1.3M)

VAT Exemption Form

For People with Low Vision/Disabled

Download (16.01k)

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22 Question(s) answered

  • Asked by a guest
    on 4/07/2016  

    Is this lamp available in a brass finish? Answer:
    The chrome finish is the only colour that this product comes in.
  • Asked by Martyn
    on 5/03/2017  

    What fitting is the bulb. ie BC, SBC, or SES as I would like to use an LED bulb? Answer:
    If it's an ES bulb it will fit the lamp.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 13/03/2017  

    How long is the flex? Answer:
    The flexible part of the arm is 46cm.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 25/03/2017  

    Is the on/off switch located on the frame of light or can it only be turned off at floor level? Answer:
    The on/off switch is only located on the frame of the light.
  • Asked by Ray
    on 21/05/2017  

    Is the height of the lamp continually adjustable or only at fixed points.? Answer:
    The lamp height is adjustable. There is a small screw which you turn to adjust the height. The maximum height is 155cm and the minimum height is 110cm.
  • Asked by Heather.
    on 18/10/2017  

    Would you be kind enough to in form me of the size/ circumference of the base to the D31067 Flexi reading light. Answer:
    The diameter of the base is 25cm and the height is 15cm.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 4/12/2017  

    Is the lamp finish shiney or brushed chrome? Answer:
    The finish of this lamp is brushed steel.
  • Asked by Edwina
    on 28/12/2017  

    How long is the cable? I need to know if it will reach my plug. Answer:
    The cable of this lamp is 2m (78.7") long.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 2/01/2018  

    Does the lamp come with a bulb Answer:
    Yes, this lamp comes with a bulb included.
  • Asked by Ann
    on 7/09/2018  

    I wish to purchase a bulb as well at the same time, which bulb is it? Answer:
    The replacement bulb for this lamp is the D15501 15W LED bulb.
  • Asked by Roger
    on 5/10/2018  

    Can I use Daylight bulbs D15500 and D15320 in this lampholder? Answer:
    The correct bulb for this lamp is the D15501, not the D15320.
  • Asked by Glenys
    on 10/12/2018  

    How heavy is the base? Answer:
    The weight of the base is 4.2kg.
  • Asked by Glyn
    on 6/01/2019  

    1) At what height is the switch 2) is it simple /easy to use as I have mild arthritis in my hands/fingers Answer:
    The switch is on the cable itself which is located towards the top of the light. This is designed so that it is at just the right height so it is easy to access. The height is 146cm, from the base to the very top of the lamp. The switch is very easy to use so you shouldn't have any issues.
  • Asked by susan
    on 26/10/2019  

    I am needing help particularly with jigsaws and sewing this time of year. I am still undecided re table top or free standing. Which is the most popular? I would like to also know the cost of the replacement bulbs. Answer:
    Given the nature of the tasks you will be doing we would recommend the table top version. Spare bulbs are available, the part number is: D15501.
  • Asked by Shirley
    on 27/10/2019  

    Is the stand and shade metal or coloured plastic? Answer:
    The shade is made from metal.
  • Asked by John
    on 5/11/2019  

    Is this product compatible with someone who suffers with Macular degeneration Answer:
    Yes, the Daylight Flexi-Vision Floor Lamp is the result of extensive research and collaboration with the RNIB and other low vision specialists.
  • Asked by Keith
    on 22/12/2019  

    Does it come ready assembled, does it come with a bulb? Answer:
    This lamp does not come assembled. It does come with a bulb included
  • Asked by Laraine
    on 22/12/2019  

    Does this lamp require any assembly? Answer:
    It does require some minor assembly as it is posted out flat-packed.
  • Asked by Keith
    on 28/01/2020  

    My wife has recently had a cataract operation and is sensitive to glare. Can I use your lamp without it disturbing her? Answer:
    This lamp was designed alongside the RNIB so there shouldn’t be any problems.
  • Asked by Sheila
    on 14/06/2020  

    I want a light to stand behind the piano and be directed at the music. The one I have is fine for a single sheet of music but if the music is across two pages, the light only covers the central portion. Would this light illuminate across two two A4 sheets? Answer:
    Yes, this should be okay for 2 x A4 sheets. It obviously depends on how far back you have the lamp – the further back it is, the less bright the light will be. However, I believe this lamp should be bright enough to illuminate the paper for you.
  • Asked by Richard
    on 19/07/2020  

    I would like to know if this light has got a dimmer on it and if not is there a reason why not? Answer:
    This is not a dimmable light. This lamp has been designed with the RNIB to give the perfect amount of light for people with low vision. If it is a little too bright for you, the light can be moved away with the flexible arm.
  • Asked by Nic
    on 6/01/2021  

    I suffer from visual stress and have tinted prescription glasses. I find stark and fluorescent lighting quite distressing. Is the light 'warm' or very stark? Answer:
    The light is more of a white light. It has been made to try and imitate the colour of natural daylight so should be a “stark” light and is designed to be as natural as possible.

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