Servicing, Calibration and Repair

As a Master Distributor, Heamar offers the complete range of precision hand stripping tools and machines from IDEAL Industries and connector tooling from Astro Tool Corporation.  We are able to service, calibrate and repair these tools providing the necessary certificates.

Our trained engineers can completely strip down and rebuild the tools, returning them to the original specification, replacing any old or damaged parts.

We then recertify the tools ensuring they operate within the correct tolerances and limits as specified by the manufacturer.  If a tool is irrepairable we are able to supply a new one. Please contact our sales team.

We are able to arrange the repair, service and calibration of DMC connector tooling and Band-IT tools.  We can also arrange repair and service of STEINEL and Leister heat guns.

The range of tools covered includes:

  • Wire stripping tools including the IDEAL Custom Stripmaster
  • Mil-Spec Crimp Tools
  • Banding Tools
  • Heat guns
  • Stripping and crimping machines

If you would like to arrange a repair please Contact Us.

IDEAL Custom Stripmaster 1

Wire Evaluation Service

It is imperative in MIL-spec and aerospace applications that the correct tool is used.  This is also the case for any other industry to ensure correct usage and to prolong the life of the tool.  

For this reason we provide a free wire evaluation service and can identify the appropriate tools to meet your needs.  Simply send us a 1 metre sample of the wire and we will do the rest.

The range of tools we cover includes:

  • Wire stripping tools including the IDEAL Custom Stripmaster
  • Cutters
  • Pliers
  • MIL-spec crimp tools

For more information please Contact Us.

IDEAL Custom Stripmaster