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What are the Benefits of a Daylight Lamp?

What are the Benefits of a Daylight Lamp?
31 August 2022 128 view(s)

What is a daylight lamp?

A daylight lamp provides perfect natural lighting at any time of the day. This is achieved through the type and specification of the bulbs used in daylight lamps (6,000°K colour temperature) as they provide a similar level of lighting to natural daylight (6,500°K). The bulb types used are LED and fluorescent.

Why do you need a Daylight lamp?

Daylight lamps are extremely beneficial in preventing eye damage. The natural light of a daylight lamp benefits vision and reduces eye strain caused by the light that is produced from computer and phone screens. 

We offer a wide range of daylight lamps from manufacturers including the Daylight Company and Native Lighting, which are all perfect for professionals and hobbyists, yet create different styles of lamps to suit the needs of the customer.

What are the benefits of daylight lamps?

Colour Matching

Daylight lamps allow you to accurately see colour and match them correctly at any time of the day or night. This is thanks to the lamps’ colour temperatures.

Natural Light Temperature

Daylight lamps boast a 5,500°K - 6,500°K colour temperature for perfect colour matching along with excellent contrast and clarity. They are designed to provide the optimal brightness required for a large variety of tasks.

Spread of Light

Our range of daylight lamps are designed to provide the correct light intensity over specific work spaces. Whether large or small, there’s a lamp for a variety of different work areas.

Clarity and Contrast

Daylight lamps allow the user to see fine detail in the greatest clarity and contrast, making detailed tasks easier and allowing the user to comfortably work for longer periods of time. This optimal brightness with high contrast and clarity ensures reduced eye strain, less glare and maximum eye comfort.


There are a wide variety of daylight magnification lamps with multiple lens sizes, diopters and functions for detailed tasks of all kinds.


All of the daylight lamps we stock are designed to allow the user to easily position the light where it is required. Flexible arms of the lamps bend in a variety of directions, providing ultimate versatility for the user.

Low Heat

Due to their low heat output, LED lamps are safe to touch, even after long periods of use. This makes them ideal for when the user needs to work near to the lamp for long periods of time.


Daylight LED lamps provide highly efficient lighting, which ensures consistent performance for many years coupled with a low energy usage, which can reduce energy bills.

ESD Safe

This type of lamp is specifically designed for use in electrostatically charged environments. These lamps have special conductive coatings and materials to guarantee their ESD compliance and the users’ safety in these types of areas.


If you need any help or advice on which daylight lamp to buy for your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our sales team who will be happy to help you.

Check out our full range of lamps.

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