Stahlwille 42050033 33mm Slogging Ring Spanner




  • 33mm slogging ring spanner designed for use with a hammer
  • Small striking area defines and channels the force where you need it most
  • Conforms to German National Standard DIN 7444

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When you need a tool that delivers time and again, it’s no surprise that you turn to German tool manufacturer Stahlwille. This 33mm slogging ring spanner is the perfect example of what sets their tools apart from others.

Benefiting from years of innovation, this slogging ring spanner is designed to give the optimal performance when you need it most.

The shorter, stubbier handle is designed to be used with a hammer. That means when you need extra force and power, you can deliver it knowing that the nut or bolt won’t be damaged, nor the wrench.

At 195mm in length and 350g in weight, it has the strength you are looking for too.

As you would expect, Stahlwille has designed and manufactured the slogging ring spanner to a high standard, including DIN 7444.

Made from tough special steel, the grey matt finish of the wrench also protects it from grease and grime.


  • Ideal for use in confined spaces
  • Designed for use with a hammer
  • Apply extra force where you need it most without damaging the component
  • Made from special steel and finished in matt grey
  • Conforms to German National Standard DIN 7444
  • Range of sizes available

Technical Details

Product SizeLengthWeightba
42050024 24mm 160mm 200g 42.5mm 15mm
42050026 26mm 160mm 200g 42.5mm 15mm
42050027 27mm 180mm 260g 46mm 16mm
42050030 30mm 190mm 365g 51.5mm 16.5mm
42050032 32mm 195mm 353g 53mm 16.5mm
42050033 33mm 195mm 350g 53mm 16.5mm
42050036 36mm 205mm 505g 60mm 19.5mm
42050037 37mm 205mm 500g 60mm 19.5mm
42050038 38mm 205mm 500g 60mm 19.5mm
42050041 41mm 225mm 730g 66mm 20.5mm
42050042 42mm 225mm 671g 66mm 20.5mm
42050046 46mm 240mm 915g 75mm 22.5mm
42050047 47mm 240mm 975g 75mm 22.5mm
42050048 48mm 240mm 920g 75mm 22.5mm
42050050 50mm 250mm 1120g 80mm 23.5mm
42050055 55mm 270mm 1375g 87.5mm 25mm
42050056 56mm 270mm 1320g 87.5mm 25mm
42050060 60mm 270mm 1565g 93.5mm 26mm
42050064 64mm 290mm 2020g 101mm 29mm
42050065 65mm 290mm 2100g 101mm 29mm
42050070 70mm 320mm 2930g 109.5mm 33mm
42050075 75mm 325mm 2780g 114.5mm 34mm
42050080 80mm 345mm 4100g 126mm 35mm
42050085 85mm 360mm 3835g 129mm 37mm
42050090 90mm 400mm 5180g 152mm 41.5mm
42050095 95mm 400mm 4900g 152mm 41.5mm
42050100 100mm 400mm 6560g 152mm 41.5mm
42050105 105mm 435mm 6300g 172mm 47.5mm
42050110 110mm 435mm 7960g 172mm 47.5mm
42050115 115mm 435mm 7495g 172mm 47.5mm
42050120 120mm 480mm 9900g 182mm 54mm
42050130 130mm 520mm 12640g 202mm 58mm
42050145 145mm 580mm 18250g 228mm 64mm
42050160 160mm 580mm 18800g 228mm 64mm
42050165 165mm 650mm 28500g 265mm 70mm
42050170 170mm 650mm 27500g 265mm 70mm
42050175 175mm 650mm 27750g 265mm 70mm
42050180 180mm 650mm 26340g 265mm 70mm
42050210 210mm 750mm 41000g 320mm 80mm

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