Bahco 7444SG-M-170 170mm Slogging Ring Spanner




  • Benefits from 12 point (bi-hex) profile ring for superior purchase
  • Ideal for use when hammering nuts and bolts
  • Conforms to standard DIN 7444

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It may look compact in design but don’t underestimate the power and impact of this 170mm slogging ring spanner from Bahco.

When a fastening is over-tightened or when you need to give it that all important extra nudge into position, you’ll probably reach for your hammer. Whilst this is a great idea, it may be that you damage your spanner and/or the nut or bolt too. This slogging ring spanner has been designed specifically for use with a hammer meaning you won’t damage your tools or the all-important fastening.

Short in length, it is ideal for when working in confined or awkward spaces. As you would expect from tool specialist Bahco, the design and quality of the 170mm slogging ring spanner is second to none.

Made from tough steel, it has a grey finish that further protects it as well as offering a non-slip surface at the stubby end as a strike point for a hammering action.

The 12 point profile ring also provides exceptional grip without damaging the nut or bolt, especially important when extra force and drive is needed.

As well as the bi-hexagonal drive, the spanner also conforms to DIN 7444, an important accolade for any tool. When it comes to populating your kit with quality tools, the slogging ring spanner from Bahco is a must buy.


  • 12 point profile ring for superior grip
  • Short and strong profiled handle
  • Anti-slip grey finish at the striking end, ideal for heavy duty applications
  • Made from high-quality steel

Technical Details

ProductSlogging Ring Spanner sizeSlogging Ring Spanner lengthSlogging Ring Spanner weight
7444SG-M-2424 mm165 mm15 mm43 mm235 g
7444SG-M-2727 mm180 mm16 mm46 mm295 g
7444SG-M-3030 mm190 mm17 mm52 mm400 g
7444SG-M-3232 mm190 mm17 mm52 mm400 g
7444SG-M-3434 mm205 mm18 mm57 mm400 g
7444SG-M-3636 mm205 mm18 mm58 mm540 g
7444SG-M-3838 mm205 mm18 mm58 mm540 g
7444SG-M-4141 mm230 mm20 mm66 mm700 g
7444SG-M-4242 mm230 mm20 mm66 mm700 g
7444SG-M-4646 mm240 mm22 mm74 mm970 g
7444SG-M-5050 mm255 mm24 mm80 mm1130 g
7444SG-M-5555 mm270 mm25 mm86 mm1345 g
7444SG-M-6060 mm280 mm26 mm93 mm1650 g
7444SG-M-6565 mm300 mm30 mm102 mm2000 g
7444SG-M-7070 mm330 mm33 mm110 mm2600 g
7444SG-M-7575 mm330 mm33 mm110 mm2600 g
7444SG-M-8080 mm360 mm36 mm126 mm3500 g
7444SG-M-8585 mm360 mm36 mm126 mm3500 g
7444SG-M-9090 mm390 mm40 mm142 mm5000 g
7444SG-M-9595 mm390 mm40 mm142 mm5000 g
7444SG-M-100100 mm420 mm45 mm155 mm6500 g
7444SG-M-105105 mm420 mm45 mm155 mm6500 g
7444SG-M-110110 mm450 mm48 mm170 mm7800 g
7444SG-M-115115 mm450 mm48 mm170 mm7800 g
7444SG-M-120120 mm480 mm54 mm182 mm9400 g
7444SG-M-125125 mm480 mm54 mm182 mm8500 g
7444SG-M-130130 mm520 mm58 mm202 mm13000 g
7444SG-M-135135 mm520 mm58 mm202 mm11900 g
7444SG-M-140140 mm520 mm58 mm202 mm12500 g
7444SG-M-145145 mm580 mm64 mm228 mm18500 g
7444SG-M-150150 mm580 mm64 mm228 mm18750 g
7444SG-M-155155 mm580 mm64 mm228 mm18550 g
7444SG-M-160160 mm580 mm64 mm228 mm18000 g
7444SG-M-165165 mm650 mm70 mm565 mm25000 g
7444SG-M-170170 mm650 mm70 mm565 mm25000 g
7444SG-M-175175 mm650 mm70 mm565 mm25000 g

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