Bahco 1RM-11 11mm Combination Ratchet Gear Wrench




  • 11mm ratchet combination gear wrench with superior build quality for those extra tough jobs
  • Open end angle of 15°
  • Slimmer head for better accessibility

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From mechanics to aeronautical engineers, this Bahco 11mm combination ratchet gear wrench delivers everything needed from a ratchet wrench.

The ratcheting head allows you to maintain a continual action without damaging the nut or bolt whilst also offering exceptional grip and fastening. For any application, but especially in engines, the need for a superior fix is essential. For a change in direction, simply flick the on-board lever with your fingertip – there’s no need to lift your tool and lose your grip.

The 12-point dynamic-drive profile of the ratchet also means that nuts and bolts which need to be tightened or removed on a regular basis show far less wear and tear than they normally would.

The ratcheting motion is less tiring for your joints, one reason why this ratcheting gear wrench is a common metric size of 11mm is a must-have for your toolkit.

The open end is just as effective, producing the power and grip when you need it most. Its 15° action angle promotes the all-important grip on a bolt, promoting efficiency and speed when you need it most.

As you would expect from leading manufacturer Bahco, every detail has been thought through from the slimmer head angled design of the open head to the micro-matte finish that aids grip.


  • 11mm Bahco 1RM-11 Ratchet Combination Gear Wrench with open end angle of 15º
  • Slimmer head for better accessibility
  • 5º action angle
  • Ratchet in the ring for high productivity application
  • The Bahco 1RM-11 is made from high performance alloy steel and is chrome plated with a micro matt finish to provide a high-quality surface
  • 12 points Dynamic-Drive Profile provides longer life for screws and nuts
  • Switch for a quick change of right and left direction
  • The 1RM-11 has bigger and bi-directional size marking for easy identification

Technical Details

ProductCombination Ratchet Gear Wrench sizeCombination Ratchet Gear Wrench lengthCombination Ratchet Gear Wrench weight
1RM-66 mm128 mm6.3 mm3.9 mm14 mm15 mm27 g
1RM-77 mm140 mm6.5 mm4.6 mm16.6 mm16.7 mm35 g
1RM-88 mm140 mm6.5 mm4.6 mm16.6 mm16.7 mm38 g
1RM-99 mm150 mm6.9 mm4.9 mm18.4 mm18.8 mm48 g
1RM-1010 mm159 mm7.3 mm5.3 mm20 mm20.8 mm59 g
1RM-1111 mm165 mm7.7 mm5.6 mm21.8 mm23 mm67 g
1RM-1212 mm172 mm8.2 mm6.0 mm22.7 mm25 mm82 g
1RM-1313 mm178 mm8.8 mm6.4 mm24.7 mm27.1 mm95 g
1RM-1414 mm191 mm9 mm6.8 mm27 mm29.2 mm113 g
1RM-1515 mm200 mm9.4 mm7.0 mm28.3 mm31.3 mm130 g
1RM-1616 mm208 mm9.9 mm7.2 mm30 mm33.4 mm158 g
1RM-1717 mm226 mm10.3 mm7.7 mm31.8 mm35.5 mm180 g
1RM-1818 mm237 mm10.7 mm8.2 mm32.8 mm37.6 mm213 g
1RM-1919 mm248 mm11.2 mm8.8 mm33.8 mm39.7 mm233 g
1RM-2121 mm290 mm13 mm9.0 mm40 mm46 mm343 g
1RM-2222 mm290 mm13 mm9.0 mm40 mm46 mm343 g
1RM-2424 mm323 mm14.5 mm10.0 mm46 mm52 mm503 g
1RM-2727 mm359 mm15.5 mm10.5 mm52.5 mm56.5 mm550 g
1RM-3030 mm393 mm17 mm11.4 mm58.5 mm62.7 mm750 g
1RM-3232 mm425 mm17.5 mm12.5 mm62.5 mm66.4 mm900 g

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