Bahco 3906-300-24-10P Hand hacksaw blades




Virtually unbreakable and shatterproof. Excellent wear properties from the super high speed steel tooth strip on a flexible back. A superior blade to All Hard high speed and conventional flexible blades.

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Bahco 3906-300-24-10P Hand hacksaw blades

  • The virtually unbreakable and shatterproof Bi-Metal blade with precision teeth for all kinds of metal sawing
  • With a blade back of strong, flexible spring steel and a tooth line in high-alloyed super high speed steel, this blade is guaranteed to keep its sharpness for a long time
  • The Sandflex® blade combines extreme cutting performance and wear resistance with a high degree of flexibility and is vastly superior to all-hard high speed blades or conventional, flexible blades
  • Packaging:-100 : 10 bundles of 10 blades in black, plastic box with transparent cover-10P: 10 blades in a special package with hanging loop-5P: 5 blades in a special package with hanging loop-3P: 3 blades, 1 each of 18, 24 and 32 TPI, in plastic pouch, box of 10 packs-2P: 2 carded blades, box of 10 packs
  • 3818-300-PROG, have a progresiv toothing from 18-28 TPI
3906-250-18-100250 mm13 mm0.65 mm1815 g250 mm
3906-250-24-100250 mm13 mm0.65 mm2415 g250 mm
3906-250-32-100250 mm13 mm0.65 mm3215 g250 mm
3906-300-14-100300 mm13 mm0.65 mm1417 g300 mm
3906-300-18-100300 mm13 mm0.65 mm1817 g300 mm
3906-300-24-100300 mm13 mm0.65 mm2417 g300 mm
3906-300-32-100300 mm13 mm0.65 mm3217 g300 mm
3906-300-18-2P300 mm13 mm0.65 mm1848 g300 mm
3906-300-24-2P300 mm13 mm0.65 mm2448 g300 mm
3906-300-32-2P300 mm13 mm0.65 mm3248 g300 mm
3906-300-3P300 mm13 mm0.65 mm18/24/3274 g300 mm
3906-300-18-5P300 mm13 mm0.65 mm1884 g300 mm
3906-300-24-5P300 mm13 mm0.65 mm2484 g300 mm
3906-300-32-5P300 mm13 mm0.65 mm3284 g300 mm
3906-300-18-10P300 mm13 mm0.65 mm18182 g300 mm
3906-300-24-10P300 mm13 mm0.65 mm24182 g300 mm
3906-300-32-10P300 mm13 mm0.65 mm32182 g300 mm
3906-300-14-5P300 mm13 mm0.65 mm14182 g300 mm
3906-250-32-5P250 mm13 mm0.65 mm3215 g250 mm
3906-250-24-5P250 mm13 mm0.65 mm2415 g250 mm
3906-250-18-5P250 mm13 mm0.65 mm1815 g250 mm
3818-300-PROG-5P300 mm13 mm0.65 mm18-28182 g300 mm

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