Klauke 50319957 Slug Buster® Punch 37mm



  • For quick, clean, effortless and burr-free holes
  • Split slugs fall free and can be disposed of easily

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Suitable for

  • Steel sheet (St37), plastic and aluminium up to 3.5mm


  • Manual / hydraulic


  • Draw stud 9.5mm diameter, pilot drill 9.7mm diameter 50360183
    draw stud 19.0 mm diameter, pilot drill 20.5mm diameter 50344030

Scope of Supply

  • Complete system including punch, die and draw stud for manual operation

Additional Information

  • 50042181 Draw stud without ball-bearing

Technical Details

[Hole size] True dimensions mm[Hole size] Standard size Pg[Hole size] Standard size ISO[Max. material thickness] mm[Individual parts for manual operation] Punches[Individual parts for manual operation] Dies[Individual parts for manual operation] Draw studs with ball bearing[Draw studs + accessories for hydraulic units] Hand-hydraulic crimping tool 7804E, 7904EComplete punch[Draw studs + accessories for hydraulic units] Adapter sleeves 19.0 / 28.6
12.5Pg 7ISO 121.5500672815006729050042181-50067273-
15.2Pg 9-2.0503196985032002550000420513004305031989250339672
16.2-ISO 162.0503516305035162150000420513004305035177050339672
18.6Pg 11-2.0503197015032003350000420513004305031990650339672
20.4Pg 13ISO 202.0503197105032004150000420513004305031991450339672
22.5Pg 16-2.0503175635114722050000420513004305031962050339672
25.4-ISO 252.0503516565035164850000420513004305035178850339672
28.3Pg 21-3.0503175715106972050040405503187215031963950339672
28.3Pg 21-2.0503197365032006850000420513004305031993050339672
32.5-ISO 323.55035169950351680500404055031872150351796-
37.0Pg 29-3.55031975250320084500404055031872150319957-
40.5-ISO 403.55035158350351591500404055031872150351800-
47.0Pg 36-3.55131976051320090500404215031872150319965-
50.8-ISO 503.55035160550351613500404215031872150351818-
54.0Pg 42-3.55036172450361732500404215031872150361716-
60.0Pg 48-3.55031978750320114500404215031872150319981-
64.0-ISO 633.5-50351664500404215031872150351826-

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