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Pace 8888-0105-P1 ARM-EVAC 105 Fume Extractor



The PACE 8888-0105-P1 Arm-Evac 105 Fume extractor is a compact fume extraction system with a powerful brushless motor. 

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Compact Fume Extraction System with a Powerful Brushless Motor


*Accessories sold seperately*


The PACE 8888-0105-P1 Arm-Evac 105 Fume Extractor is portable, compact and can be easily placed on or under a workbench. It offers the best protection from harmful fumes in its price range. The 8888-0105-P1 features a heavy-duty, maintenance-free brushless motor along with a filtration process which includes a pre-filter for course particle removal, and a High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor (HEPA)/Gas Filter Cartridge. An inlet cap is provided to seal the unused inlet if only one flex-arm is used.


Primary Features:


  • Portable, light and compact
  • Maintenance-free brushless motor
  • Low noise level (55 dBA)
  • Multiple configuration options to suit your work space





*All accessories are sold separately*

1 Flex Arm (Picture 2)2 Flex Arm (Picture 3)
 1x 3" Diam. ESD Safe Flex Arm (8886-0750-P1) 2x 3" Diam. ESD Safe Flex Arm (8886-0750-P1)
1 Flex Arm with Kit (Picture 4)2 Flex Arms with Kit (Picture 5)
1x 3" Diam. ESD Safe Flex Arm (8886-0750-P1)2x 3" Diam. ESD Safe Flex Arm (8886-0750-P1)
1x Extension Kit (8886-0745-P1)2x Extension Kit (8886-0745-P1)
1x Flow Controller (8886-0795-P1)1x Flow Controller (8886-0795-P1)
1 Metal Plenum (Picture 6)2 Metal Plenum (Picture 7)
 1x Metal Plenum (8886-0366-P1)2x Metal Plenum (8886-0366-P1)
2 24" Flex Arms with Kit (Picture 8)2 36" Flex Arms with Kit (Picture 9)
2x 24" Flex Arm (8882-0415-P1)2x 36" Flex Arm (8882-0435-P1)
2x 50mm Extension Kit (8886-0553-P1)2x 50mm Extension Kit (8886-0553-P1)
4 24" Flex Arms with Expansion Kit (Picture 10)4 36" Flex Arms with Expansion Kit (Picture 11)
4x 24" Flex Arm (8882-0415-P1)4x 36" Flex Arm (8882-0435-P1)
4x 50mm Extension Kit (8886-0553-P1)4x 50mm Extension Kit (8886-0553-P1)
1x Expansion Kit (8882-0692-P1)1x Expansion Kit (8882-0692-P1)



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