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We have now sold out of the DN1190 lamp, however we do sell the N1190 which is made by Native Lighting and is a very close replacement. The Daylight D3550, which is made by Daylight and is also a very close replacement.

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We have now sold out of the DN1190 lamp, however we do sell the N1190 which is made by Native Lighting and is a very close replacement. The Daylight D3550, which is made by Daylight and is also a very close replacement.

The Daylight Task Lamp XL is a professional high power workstation lamp, lighting up wide areas on your desk, work station, drawing board or large painting. 

The large shade can be smoothly adjusted vertically, horizontally and laterally to any desired position. With this great light you will be amazed how much better you will see the finer details, contrast and true colours in your work.

The low heat full spectrum daylight light with 6,000°K improves contrast, reduces glare and is the best lighting available for colour rendering.

The light has a dimming capability. LEDs and bench clamp comes included.

Technical Details

  • Light source: LED
  • Lux output at 30cm: 3,400 Lux
  • Light colour temperature: 5,500 - 6,500°K  
  • Energy consumption: 21W
  • Product colour: White
  • Product dimensions: 50 x 58 x 60 cm (19.7" x 22.8" x 23.6")
  • Maximum Reach: 98cm (38.6")
  • Product Weight: 2.3kg (5.1Ib)
  • Cable length: 1.8m (70.9")

Key Features

  • 84 Bright Daylight LEDs 
  • Brightness 3400 Lux at 30cm using only 21W of power 
  • Continuous Dimming to 10% 
  • Multi position head joint to direct light where needed 
  • Even spread of light for large area 
  • Shade width - 58 cm (22.5 inch)

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Daylight DN1190 Datasheet

Datasheet for Daylight DN1190 Task Lamp XL

Download (1.41M)

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25 Question(s) answered

  • Asked by PETER
    on 16/11/2016  

    What are the fixing arrangements for this lamp? Will it clip to a shelf? Answer:
    Yes, you would be able to fix this onto a shelf is strong enough to hold the weight of the lamp. The lamp comes with a bench clamp included.
  • Asked by Harriet
    on 18/01/2017  

    I go to a life drawing class in a big room and we use sturdy A1 size boards as the paper is often A1, but the boards are placed vertically on an easel, so I would need to clamp the lamp on to the top or the side... Seeing that the lamp weighs 2.3 kg, would this work? Or would it collapse? Answer:
    Unfortunately the DN1190 is supposed to be clamped on to a table or a desk so it may be too heavy to be clamped to an easel. We would recommend the Easel Lamp (part number: D31075).
  • Asked by Keith
    on 18/05/2017  

    Does this lamp have a base suitable for standing on a desk? Answer:
    Daylight offer a premium table base (part number: D52060) which is suitable for this lamp.
  • Asked by Graham
    on 19/08/2017  

    Is this light brighter than a light with 3x14w energy saving bulbs with a lamp head size of 610x110x60mm Answer:
    We believe the DN1190 will have a greater light. For example, the standard kitchen light offers around 150-200 Lux and the DN1190 offers 3,400 Lux.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 26/09/2017  

    What is the maximum width of the shelf that this will clip on to ? Answer:
    The maximum opening of the clamp is 6cm.
  • Asked by Mike
    on 6/10/2017  

    I’m looking to buy one of your work lights, do you have one which I can wall mount above my work bench, I build wooden gallons so needs to moveable with a movable arm. Answer:
    We would recommend the D32500 triple fluorescent lamp which can be used with a wall bracket (part number: D90578).
  • Asked by a guest
    on 28/10/2017  

    I recently purchased one of these lamps, is the a floor stand available ? Answer:
    Suitable floor stands for this lamp include the Daylight Premium Floor Stand (part number: D53060) and the Daylight Standard Floor Stand (part number: D53070).
  • Asked by mick
    on 15/12/2017  

    Hi, what is the CRI value of this lamp? Answer:
    The CRI value of this lamp is 80.
  • Asked by Geri
    on 8/02/2018  

    How long is the warranty on the lamp? Answer:
    All Daylight lamps, including this one, have a warranty of 2 years.
  • Asked by Gergely
    on 14/02/2018  

    Is it possible to order it with 220 watt plug? Answer:
    We do sell this lamp with an EU plug (part number: EN1190). We do not list this on our website so you'd have to order it over the phone with our sales engineers.
  • Asked by James
    on 10/03/2018  

    2.3kg seems very heavy. Does that include the 240v plug/TRU? If so, can you please tell me the weight of the lamp alone? Answer:
    The total packed weight is 2.66g. The assembled weight of the lamp is 1.92kg.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 16/05/2018  

    HI, do you know the CRI rating of the LED's inside this lamp? Answer:
    The CRI rating of the bulb in this lamp is 80.
  • Asked by Mick
    on 7/06/2018  

    Hi, what is the CRI value of this lamp? Answer:
    The CRI value of this lamp is 80.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 8/06/2018  

    Will this lamp fit into your wall bracket? Answer:
    Yes, this will fit into the wall bracket.
  • Asked by Sean
    on 23/07/2018  

    currently I use a circular daylight lamp with a magnifier in the centre for my modelling. I don't think it's LED, It's quite bright but I'm looking for something stronger, as I have to keep the current light low to see, plus I keep bashing my head on it !! Is this light much stronger? Answer:
    The DN1190 has an LED bulb and is one of the brighter task lamps. If you are looking for something even brighter than this, we would recommend the D35500 task lamp. This one is brighter than the DN1190 and is also LED. It is the newer version so is easier to adjust to any desired position. Although it is brighter, the head is slightly smaller with a shade width of 51cm. The DN1190 has a shade width of 58cm. The Lumi Task Lamp has 2 brightness levels whereas the DN1190 has continuous dimming to 10%.We wouldn't be able to say whether these lamps are brighter than your currently lamp as we would need further details on the lamp you are currently using. Daylight offer a lot of magnifying lamps which tend to be brighter than the task lamps.
  • Asked by Drew
    on 3/08/2018  

    I'd be grateful if you could let me know the maximum tabletop depth the clamp will accommodate? Answer:
    The maximum opening of the clamp is 6cm.
  • Asked by rob
    on 12/08/2018  

    Hello, is there a wall mount version available of this lamp or do you have an alternative recommendation please? Answer:
    This lamp is compatible with the wall bracket we offer (part number: D90578).
  • Asked by Olaf
    on 13/08/2018  

    Can you tell me what the maximum shelf thickness is that the clamp can handle? Answer:
    The maximum opening of the clamp is 6cm.
  • Asked by Alex
    on 29/08/2018  

    What is the maximum thickness of bench the clamp can accommodate? Is the lamp fixed rigidly where it joins to the clamp or is it just slotted on top of the clamp and free to rotate? Answer:
    The maximum opening of the clamp is 6mm. The lamp can be swivelled and is not fixed where it joins the clamp.
  • Asked by Quentin
    on 30/08/2018  

    Can I replace the LED strip if necessary? Answer:
    Unfortunately Daylight do not manufacture replacement bulbs for this lamp. The LED bulbs have a life expectancy of around 25,000 hours and the lamp has a 2 year warranty. If there are any problems with the bulb within the 2 year period it can be replaced under warranty.
  • Asked by Lloyd
    on 1/09/2018  

    Does this light emit any uv rays ? Answer:
    We can confirm that DN1190 does not emit any UV rays.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 4/11/2018  

    Can this be wall mounted? Where is the switch exactly? Answer:
    This lamp comes with a clamp. If you would like to mount it on a wall we would recommend the Daylight Wall Bracket (part number: D90578).
  • Asked by a guest
    on 25/03/2019  

    Are these lamps dual voltage or single voltage? Answer:
    This lamp is single voltage.
  • Asked by Tim
    on 6/01/2020  

    Thanks for the detailed pictures! I need a lamp that will clamp to the back of my desk and reach up, over my computer monitors (the first section of the 'arm') and then reach forwards over my working area (the second section of 'arm').Can you tell me the dimensions of the 'arms' please? My monitors stand 43cm high off the desk so I need the first section to be at least this high from the bracket. Answer:
    Both arms measure 40cm.
    on 26/02/2020  

    What is the power supply as I have the lamp but I do not have the PSU and I cant find a reference for the power supply unit? Answer:
    The power adapter required would be the SPN1190A.

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