Stahlwille 40081111 11mm Combination Spanner




  • Chrome plated combination spanner.
  • For use with 11mm fasteners.
  • AS-Drive profile for high force transmission.
  • 15° ring end angle.

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This Stahlwille combination spanner is for use with 11mm fasteners. It has slim heads and the ring end of the spanner has an angle of 15°, both of which allow for work in confined spaces.

This tool features an AS-Drive profile which enables high force transmission without damaging the fasteners. Stahlwille spanners are reinforced at the point between the jaw and the shank which makes the load zones more resilient and reduces the risk of breakage to an absolute minimum.

It is comfortable for the operator to use thanks to its non-slip finish which means it fits comfortably in the hand, even when used for long periods of time and when high forces are applied.

The thumb groove along the handle of the spanner eliminates material where there is no stress and concentrates it where it is needed most. This allows for extreme load bearing capacities and maximum flexural strength thanks to the lower weight.


  • Slim heads.
  • Ring head angled at 15°.
  • Made from chrome alloy steel with a chrome plated surface.
  • Made in Germany.

Technical Details

Product SizeLengthbda1a2Weight
40085500 5.5mm 100mm 14.8mm 9.2mm 3.5mm 5.8mm 13g
40080606 6mm 105mm 15.5mm 9.9mm 3.6mm 6mm 15g
40080707 7mm 110mm 17mm 11.3mm 3.9mm 6mm 20g
40080808 8mm 115mm 18mm 12.4mm 4.2mm 7mm 21g
40080909 9mm 120mm 21mm 13.4mm 4.5mm 7mm 27g
40081010 10mm 125mm 23mm 14.8mm 4.8mm 7mm 35g
40081111 11mm 135mm 26mm 16.4mm 4.8mm 8mm 43g
40081212 12mm 140mm 28mm 17.8mm 5.3mm 8.5mm 46g
40081313 13mm 160mm 30mm 19.1mm 5.3mm 8.5mm 57g
40081414 14mm 165mm 32mm 20.6mm 5.3mm 8.5mm 68g
40081515 15mm 170mm 35mm 21.9mm 5.3mm 8.5mm 73g
40081616 16mm 180mm 37mm 23.2mm 5.8mm 10mm 89g
40081717 17mm 190mm 38mm 24.6mm 5.8mm 10mm 99g
40081818 18mm 200mm 40mm 26mm 6.7mm 11.5mm 126g
40081919 19mm 230mm 42mm 27.5mm 6.7mm 11.5mm 142g
40082020 20mm 230mm 45mm 29mm 7mm 13mm 176g
40082121 21mm 260mm 27mm 30.3mm 7.3mm 13mm 216g
40082222 22mm 260mm 49mm 31.8mm 7.3mm 13mm 220g
40082323 23mm 280mm 53mm 33.5mm 7.8mm 14mm 251g
40082424 24mm 280mm 53mm 34.9mm 7.8mm 14mm 254g
40082525 25mm 300mm 55mm 36.3mm 8.4mm 14.5mm 281g
40082626 26mm 300mm 57.5mm 37.8mm 8.4mm 14.5mm 315g
40082727 27mm 300mm 60mm 39.2mm 8.4mm 14.5mm 345g
40082828 28mm 320mm 62mm 40.6mm 8.4mm 14.5mm 368g
40082929 29mm 330mm 64mm 41.9mm 8.9mm 16mm 420g
40083030 30mm 330mm 66mm 43.2mm 8.9mm 16mm 404g
40083232 32mm 360mm 70mm 45.8mm 9.4mm 16.5mm 484g
40083434 34mm 450mm 75mm 48mm 9.4mm 17mm 686g
40083636 36mm 460mm 80mm 50.8mm 10mm 18mm 787g
40083838 38mm 480mm 87mm 53.6mm 11mm 19mm 915g
40084141 41mm 480mm 88mm 57.8mm 11mm 19mm 1055g
40084646 46mm 500mm 94.5mm 65.2mm 13mm 20mm 1352g
40085050 50mm 530mm 103mm 73mm 14mm 21mm 1700g
40085555 55mm 560mm 114mm 81mm 15mm 22mm 2193g
40086060 60mm 590mm 125mm 89.8mm 16mm 24mm 2825g

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