What Is The Best Headlamp For Running?

What Is The Best Headlamp For Running?

As winter is closing in, the nights are getting longer and darker. For runners this means reaching for some extra illumination when out on the roads or trails. Whether you’re fitting in a post or pre-work jog or taking part in a long race before the sun comes up, runners need a headtorch when running in the dark to illuminate themselves and the path in front of them.


Why Do I Need A Headlamp For Running?

Runners often find themselves running at night or early in the morning. Running at these times, especially in the winter months, means reduced visibility in the dark. Running in the dark can be dangerous, not only because you can’t properly see your path but also because you cannot properly be seen by others.

Holding a flashlight whilst running is extremely inconvenient and can even be dangerous if you were to trip or fall. This is why the option of a headtorch is very useful when it comes to running. Using a headtorch for running means that your path in front of you will be lit up and also allows you to be seen by others. Headtorches are much more suitable for running than torches as they leave your hands free of anything to hold.


Choosing The Best Headlamp For Running?

There are a number of things that you need to consider when looking for a headlamp. Of course, having a headtorch that illuminates your path is the first thing you need, but you also need to get a headlamp that is comfortable, fits you properly and is right for your use. These are the things you should consider when choosing a headlamp for running.


A headlamps brightness is measured in lumens. A greater output of lumens means a higher brightness and better visibility, even on dark trails or streets with no lighting.

As a general rule, you should look for a headtorch that is capable of emitting around at least 100 lumens. This will cover you for any general street running. Many headlamps also offer adjustable light, whether it be dimmable or the ability to alternate between a wide and narrow beam.


No one wants to buy a headtorch that is going to break after the first few uses. You need something that you can depend on and know will last use after use. This is especially true for running headtorches, as they need to be able to hold up to outdoor conditions and inclement weather. At a minimum, a headtorch for running should be water resistant to IPX4, which is the standard to be protected from splashing water, no matter what direction it approaches the headlamp from.

Battery Type and Run Time

You should consider the type of batteries that a headlamp uses. Rechargeable batteries don’t require you to purchase any extra batteries, but you do need to commit time to make sure they are recharged. Rechargeable batteries are great until you find yourself ready for a run with your headlamp out of battery. If this sounds like you, opt for a headtorch that runs off standard replaceable batteries. Some headlamps offer the best of both worlds and can be used with both rechargeable and replaceable batteries.

The run time of the headtorch and batteries can typically come at a cost in the form of weight. If you want a longer run time then the batteries have to be larger and, consequently, heavier. If you want a headlamp for running around your neighbourhood this isn’t too much of an issue, but if you’re running on long trails then you should definitely opt for the bigger battery and longer run time.


It is very important to get a headtorch that will securely stay in place on your head whilst you are running. You should opt for a headtorch that offers adjustability, so that you can personalise the size directly to your own head. This will ensure a proper and comfortable fit.


Our Recommended Headtorches

We offer a variety of headtorches from companies like Unilite and Stahlwille. They come in different sizes and specifications so there is something suitable for everyone.


Unilite PS-HDL2 Prosafe Headlight

Unilite PS-HDL2 Prosafe headlight

This headtorch offers a 200 lumen output from its high-power CREE LED. It has multiple lighting modes, including four main functions (high, medium, low and SOS strobe). It also has two side LEDs that can be used for signalling or emergency use. This lightweight headtorch weighs 88g and the luminous yellow means the headtorch is easy to see. It comes with a full adjustable headband that can be changed to suit any head shape.


Unilite BE-02+ Prosafe Black Beanie Hat

Unilite be-02 Prosafe Black Beanie Hat

This innovative beanie hat has a rechargeable torch integrated into the front. The LED provides 150 lumens of light with a 13-metre beam range. It is perfect for running in the winter months, as it provides warmth in the cold weather. The integrated torch has 3 light modes, low, high and 2hz flash. The torch charges in any USB port and only takes 4 hours to full charge.

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