10 Essential Gardening Tools Every Gardener Should Own

10 Essential Gardening Tools Every Gardener Should Own

Whether you’re brand new to gardening or a seasoned veteran, you still need the right tools for the job. It can sometimes be difficult to figure out exactly which tools you really need to keep your garden looking fresh and trim. In this blog, we’ll discuss the best gardening tools for you!


We offer gardening tools to suit a variety of needs and budgets from a number of top brands in the gardening world. Here’s our list of the best and most essential gardening tools that you need in your gardening tool kit.


1. Burgon & Ball Stainless Steel Hand Trowel

This will probably be one of the most used tools in your gardening tool collection. It is ideal for planting, weeding and digging in your raised beds. This classic hand trowel features a wide, deep 7cm wide head made from polished stainless steel for maximum rust resistance. It is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society and comes with a lifetime guarantee so you have no doubt that you are buying one of the best hand trowels on the market.

Burgon and Ball hand trowel

2.  Bahco Expert Telescopic Bypass Lopper

Bypass loppers have a curved blade that uses a scissor action to catch and hold the branch whilst the cutting blade cuts it. They are perfect for pruning high trees with thick branches. This particular tool from Bahco is telescopic, meaning it offers extra range for all those hard to reach branches.

Bahco Expert Telescopic Bypass Lopper

3. Burgon & Ball Stainless Steel Hand Fork

Another popular gardening tool that will likely become one of your most used implements in your gardening tasks is a hand fork. Predominantly used for breaking up earth, planting and weeding, this hand fork is the perfect partner for the hand trowel mentioned earlier in this post. The pointed rust-resistant stainless-steel prongs are specially hardened and tempered to withstand tough cultivating so you know it will last.

Burgon and Ball Stainless Steel Hand Fork

4. Bahco Foldable Saw (XT Toothing) and Knife Set

This foldable saw is perfect for cutting both green and dry wood and the knife is great for taking plant cuttings. The saw blade is specially coated for rust protection and low friction. It is also supplied with a practical sheath for belt carry and a leather wrist strap.

Bahco Foldable Saw and Knife Set

5. Burgon & Ball Bypass Secateurs

This is an excellent all-round pair of secateurs that can be used for a number of different gardening jobs. They can be used to cut soft wood as well as garden bushes and shrubs. We also offer these in both the pink and yellow Florabrite versions, to give you the best chance of preventing losing your tools in your garden shrubbery.

Burgon and Ball Bypass Secateurs

6. Bahco Axe 360mm

This axe is the perfect tool for homeowners due to its size and all-round general-purpose abilities. It offers a thin, wide blade for a clean cut on wood and is equipped with a suspension hole in the handle for easy storage.

Bahco Axe

7. Hedge Shears

Hedge shears are the perfect gardening tool for trimming, cutting and pruning hedges or shrubs and bushes. These high-performance hedge shears have a unique double pivot action that allows for a superior cutting power on thick branches and stems. They boast 60% more cutting power than an average set of hedge shears.

Burgon and Ball Hedge Shears

8. Bahco Weeding Fork

This tool is primarily used for weed removal. It cleanly removed plants from the soil at the roots without digging up large clumps of dirt thanks to its individual prongs. This weeding fork gives you great accessibility in rock gardens, containers and raised beds. The head is made from fully hardened steel and is coated in expoxy powder for rust protection.

Bahco Weeding Fork



9. Burgon & Ball Folding Pruning Saw

Pruning saws are cutting tools with the same sharp teeth you can find on an average saw; however, pruning saws are intended for trimming shrubs and tree branches. This folding pruning saw gives you the cutting power of a bow saw in your pocket thanks to its foldability. The patented tooth design of three cutting faces per tooth gives an incredible cutting ability, especially for overhead work.

Burgon and Ball Folding Pruning Saw

10. Bahco Bypass Secateurs with Rotating Handle

Bypass secateurs are generally used for woody garden bushes and shrubs. This particular variety of bypass secateurs are different as they have a rotating handle that lessens fatigue and discomfort during use. It is designed for very frequent use and so offers an extremely comfortable user experience.

Bahco Bypass Secateurs with Rotating Handle

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