What Metal Forming Tools Do You Need to Make Jewellery?

What Metal Forming Tools Do You Need to Make Jewellery?

A variety of tools are vital to the jewellery making business, that is why we supply what we believe are the best tooling solutions for the trade. The list of metal jewellery making tools is endless, so it is worth doing your research and investing in some reliable metal working tools that you can be confident in and you know will last.

In this post we will show you how to build up your workbench tools step by step and help you to identify the basic metal forming tools you need to make jewellery pieces with a professional finish.


Flat Nosed Pliers

flat nose pliers

These pliers are ideal for bending wire and straightening out any bends or kinks; they are a fundamental tool for working with and shaping precious metals. Flat nosed pliers have a smooth surface that won’t scratch any materials you’re working with and the two flat jaws will help you to firmly grip the pieces of metal you will be working with.

Round Nosed Pliers

round nose pliers

Round nosed pliers have two round jaws and are a vital tool when working with wire. They will allow you to hold the shape and bend your wire into smooth curves, loops and coils. The jaws of the pliers are tapered, so this enables you to make a variety of different sized loops and gives a very professional finish to your jewellery.

Parallel Pliers

parallel pliers

These pliers feature thin parallel jaws which are ideal for straightening sheet metal or holding materials securely in place whilst applying pressure when needed. Parallel pliers are sturdy and will stay gripped to material, holding it firmly in place as required.

You can read more about which pliers may be most suited to you here.

Side Cutters

side cutters

Side cutters are ideal for neatly and cleanly cutting wires. They are essentially pliers that feature a sharp cutting edge. These pliers are available in a range of sizes for clean cutting across a range of materials at varying thicknesses.


Nylon Headed Hammer

nylon headed hammer

This variety of hammer is helpful in forming metals. It has two interchangeable heads of shockproof nylon so that they can be replaced should they wear down over time.


You can read more about which hammer may be most suited to you here

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