How to choose the right soldering tool?

How to choose the right soldering tool?

Soldering tools come in all shapes and sizes, which often makes choosing the right soldering tool for your needs a challenge. This post explains the different types of soldering products we have available to help you make the right choice for your task at hand.

What materials can be soldered?

There are a large variety of metals that can be soldered, although generally the metals must have a low melting point to be soldered. Metals such as copper, tin and brass can be easily soldered but metals such as iron, steel and aluminium are not able to be soldered (or are very difficult to solder) because of their high melting points.


What are the types of soldering tools?

We supply 4 different types of soldering products:

  •        Soldering Tweezers
  •        Soldering Gun
  •        Soldering Iron
  •        Soldering Station


Soldering Tweezers

soldering tweezers

This type of soldering product is used to solder and de-solder small surface-mounted components. Soldering tweezers work well on electronic units. They are constructed to be freestanding and operated from a station. Each of the two tweezers have heated tips on thin arms that users manually control by gently squeezing together. This type of soldering product requires a very steady hand. We supply the PACE MiniTweez Surface Mount Rework Tweezer Handpiece (part number - 6010-0148-P1).


Soldering Guns

soldering gun

Soldering guns possess a wire looped tip that rapidly cools, which means the guns don’t require a holster for safe storage. They have easy to grip handles and a convenient push button for use. The tin constructed tip only activates when the user pushes the button mechanism. We supply the Stahlwille Soldering Gun (part number - 96774200) which provides 23V, 50-6Hz, 10W / 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 100 W.


Soldering Irons

soldering iron

These are the most common type of soldering product. Soldering irons can handle most electronic repair jobs. They are designed to run at uncontrolled temperatures that are determined by a thermal equilibrium. People who mostly work on electronics, such as computer hard drives find soldering irons are the only type of soldering product they need. We supply the Stahlwille 30W Soldering Iron (part number - 77420030).


Soldering Station

soldering station

Soldering stations have an electrical power supply, temperature display and a soldering head that includes a tip temperature sensor. They also include a stand for storing the iron when it is not in use.


If you need any more help or advice on soldering products that we sell, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via live chat or through our contact page

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