What Tools are Needed to Build a Drone?

What Tools are Needed to Build a Drone?

Having the correct tools for your project is important and investing in reliable, high quality tools is the best way to get started on your DIY journey.

While many small hand tools used to build and maintain drones are perhaps tools you already have, chances are some of the other, more specialist tools are ones you won’t have.

In this post we will show you the main tools you need for drone building and also what you will need to maintain one.


Soldering Iron

This is one of the most important repair tools for drones. A soldering iron can be used to connect all the electronic pieces in a drone together. For example, it can be used to reconnect connections that may have disconnected from a crash or other damage.

We offer a range of PACE soldering stations, soldering tips and accessories as well as a smaller range of Stahlwille soldering tools which can be found on our website.

Stahlwille soldering gun - 96774200

stahlwille soldering gun

This kit is brilliant for general purpose and heavy-duty soldering and SMT rework operations where high thermal capacity and flexibility are required. It provides a wide range of SMD and Thru-Hole installation and removal capability, as well as unsurpassed thermal performance on heavy, multilateral Thru-Hole assemblies at safe, lower working temperatures.



These are used for the screws that hold the drone together, generally smaller sized screwdrivers are needed, depending on the size of the drone.

Stahlwille screwdriver set  – 96838135

screwdriver kit


Torque Screwdriver

Torque Screwdrivers are generally used for assembly maintenance and servicing in any engineering or manufacturing environment so are great for repairing or building drones as they will give you the exact torque required with very little room for error.

Mountz 076549 FG-125i Preset Torque Screwdriver with Blue Label 2.8Nm - 14.1Nm

torque screwdriver

This torque screwdriver ensures accurate process control by eliminating over and under tightening thanks to its preset technology. The tamper proof adjustment ensures that the same torque is applied repeatedly, regardless of the operator skill level.


Nut Driver

These are used for changing propellers on drones and for removing or screwing nuts on to the drone, generally smaller sized nut drivers are needed, depending on the size of the drone.

Bahco Nut Driver – 6956

nut driver

1/4” integrated female square drive in the handle for use as extension bar or with a sliding T-handle.


Safety Knife

Safety or hobby knives are used for cutting different components used in drones and are one of the most essential tools on this list.

Stahlwille Safety Knife – 77621001

safety knife

Blade adjustable by means of slider and can change blades without tools. Tool body made of cast zine.



These are used for gripping components in small or hard to reach areas within the drone. We supply a large number of pliers in our online store, the below listed is just one variety.

Xuron Tweezer Nose Plier with Static Control Grips – 450AS

tweezer nose plier with-static control grips

The Xuron Tweezer Nose Plier is an ultra-precise needlenose plier capable of grasping and holding wire less than 1mm thick with the strength and rigidity for wire forming. They have a fine entry head which tapers down to 1.5mm for access to high density areas. Radiused edges on the Xuron Tweezer Nose Plier protect lead wires.


Wire Strippers

Wire strippers are helpful for is any of the wire components in the drone need stripping. We supply a large number of wire strippers in our online store, the below listed is just one variety.

IDEAL Omega Stripmaster Wire Stripper – 65-0150

omega stripmaster wire stripper

These are perfect for when you need to gain access to strip wire in small, tight places, especially when wires are stuck behind components.


Wire Cutters

When building or maintaining a drone, the chances that you’ll have to cut some wires are very high so making sure that you have a high quality tool for this task is very important. We supply a large number of wire cutters in our online store, the below listed is just one variety.

Lindstrom Supreme Cutter – 7292

lindstrom 7292 supreme cutter

This cutter is made from high performance alloy steel and has a screw joint that minimises friction and maximises alignment of cutting edges. The miniature head is ideal for use in confined spaces. Numerically controlled machine grinding guarantees edge angle accuracy and contact, increasing the tools reliability and consistency.


Glue Gun

Glue guns are great for temporarily securing components to your drone We supply a range of hot glue guns in our online store, the below listed is just one variety.

STEINEL Neo 1 Hot-Melt Glue Pen

steinel neo 1 hot melt glue pen

This is a cordless hot-melt glue pen that is perfect for all gluing jobs, reading to used in 15 seconds for spot-on non-drip gluing. The adhesives used by the Neo 1 are free from solvents and harmful substances, dry in 10 seconds and set after 2 minutes.



Much the same as pliers, tweezers are good for moving components or small wires out of the way or moving parts whilst trying to work around them. Longer length tweezers make it easier to access small, hard to reach spaces.

Lindstrom Tweezers – TL3-SA-SL - Flat edge, 120mm in length. Smooth, sharp, fine tips.

lindstrom tl3 sa sl tweezer


These are used to measure electronic current and are great for use in drone maintenance to test for shorted wires or circuitry when trying to diagnose damage to the drone.

IDEAL Digital Multimeter – 61-340


Features AC/DC current and voltage. Shows temperature, frequency, capacitance, audible continuity, resistance, data hold and low battery.


Heat Gun

Heat guns are good for shrinking any heat wrap you place around wires. We sell a large range of heat guns in our online store, the below listed is just one variety.

STEINEL Heat Gun – HL1920E

steinel heat gun

This tool generates a temperature of 80°C to 600°C which can be regulated by thumbwheel. It is a high-precision tool and is great for welding plastics, shrinking on cable sleeves, shaping, soldering and more.


Desk Light and Magnifier

This is an essential tool to have which will allow you to see your work properly. A magnifiying element in a lamp will help you to see into small spaces within the drone. We supply a large range of magnifying lamps in our online shop, the below listed is just one variety.

Daylight iQ Magnifying Lamp - D25100

Daylight iQ Magnifying Lamp - D25100

This lamp has a large 17.5cm diameter, 3 diopter lightweight acrylic lens, providing a large field of view which allows precise inspection of small mechanical and electrical parts.


This list may seem like a large investment but these tools will last you a long period of time thanks to their high quality and production for tasks other than drone building and maintenance, including a variety of hobbies, DIY and home improvement tasks.


Did we miss anything that should be included? Let us know in the comments below!

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