How to Create the Best Tool Kit 

How to Create the Best Tool Kit 

Do you need a tool kit?

You might ask yourself this question after being faced with one of your first DIY challenges or even after years of using the same set of tools; but whether you fall into the category of tooling amateur or authority, this is a question we often find our customers asking.

‘Is it worth investing in a full tool kit or can I get by with buying just a few tools?’ Everyone’s tooling needs are different, but in this post we will explain the benefits of having a tool kit and the best way to build one up for yourself.

What are the perks of having a full tool kit?

A fully equipped tool kit is essential for all your DIY jobs around the home, from assembling furniture to putting up decorations. One of the obvious and main benefits of investing in a full tool kit is that you’ll never have a DIY-lemna again. With a tool kit, you’ll be prepared for whatever future projects that may arise.

Another bonus is that tool kits are organised in strong, sturdy contains and so are perfect for keeping everything in one place meaning you should never lose a tool again!


What is the best way to build a tool kit?

There are numerous ways you can build your tool collection, be it tool by tool, set by set or by choosing to buy a complete kit. Heamar provide a bespoke tool kitting service to help you out with all your specialist tool kitting needs.

The best way to build your own basic tool kit is to invest in the basic tools you need handy, including screwdriversspanners and cutters. With this base you can then pic up any additional tools you need for projects you’re doing at the time.


What do you need in a tool kit?

It’s good to have the basic tools for DIYing ready for use, just in case a DIY emergency should arise. A basic, all-round tool kit should include the essential tools:

Tool Kit Storage:

If you decide to buy your tools as you go, remember to buy a tool bag, box or pouch to keep your new tools safe and organised. Below are our most popular tool storage products.

With these essentials, you’ll be well on your way to creating the best tool kit for your needs. Heamar also provide specialist tooling for any specific requirements you many have.

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