What is ATEX Lighting and Why Do You Need It?

What is ATEX Lighting and Why Do You Need It?

Choosing the right lighting for your job is essential. Working with the wrong kind of lighting can be just as dangerous as working with no lighting at all. If you work in explosive atmospheres then you can easily be putting yourself in danger if you use the wrong kind of light. Consequently, it is important to have a source of light that you can rely on and be confident in its abilities.


What is an explosive atmosphere?

An explosive atmosphere is caused when flammable gases, vapours or dusts mix with oxygen in the air. For an explosion to be caused in these atmospheres, all that is needed is a source of ignition.

This can be in the form of something as obvious as a match being lit or something as obscure as a torch.

This means that when working in an explosive atmosphere, workers require a source of lighting that has been specifically designed for use in ATEX zones.


What is ATEX lighting?

ATEX lighting products offer a solution for lighting in explosive atmospheres. They need to be suitable to survive in atmospheres that often contain flammable gases and combustible dusts among other things.

This is where the Unilite ATEX lighting range comes in. The products in this range are not only able to survive and function in explosive atmospheres, they thrive in them.

The Unilite ATEX range is comprised of five products that are all specified for the maximum grade of safety protection, meaning no workplace is off limits for them.

This is thanks to the safety release valve feature, present on each product, which releases hydrogen gases from the torch and a safety locking battery compartment which keeps the batteries away from contact with any hazardous substances.

These two features earn the Unilite ATEX range their ATEX Zone 0 accreditation.

As well as the vital features that allow the Unilite ATEX range to be used in Zone 0 environments, Unilite torches are fitted with high powered CREE LEDs which provide a consistent and high-level light output.

From the Unilite ATEX range, all but the ATEX-RA2 have been accredited with an IP67 rating. This means they can be fully submerged up to 1m and have complete protection against dust. The ATEX-RA2 has an IP54 rating, giving it a strong protection against both of these hazards that would normally interfere with a standard torch’s functionality. All these features mean workers in explosive atmospheres can be confident in and rely on the Unilite ATEX range.

The Unilite ATEX range also boasts diversity. There are a variety of torches for a wide range of different tasks. Someone repairing equipment, who needs both hands free, would be suited to the ATEX-H2 Head Torch; whereas, someone needing a small hand torch to illuminate dark areas would be suited to the ATEX-PL1 Penlight. Unilite has ATEX Zone 0 rated solutions for various needs and situations.

 The full ATEX range includes:

Because of all these features and the variety in the Unilite ATEX range, these torches are extensively used by the fire service, petroleum sector, in the haulage industry and on power stations.

If you work in hazardous environments and want to give yourself and your colleagues the best possible protection, then look no further than the Unilite ATEX range to light the way.

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