The New Gedore BIW Industrial Adjustable Torque Wrench Range

The New Gedore BIW Industrial Adjustable Torque Wrench Range

Continuing our strong, long standing relationship with Gedore, Heamar is launching the latest addition to the Gedore torque wrench range - the BIW Industrial Adjustable Torque Wrench.

After announcing our online partnership with Gedore in July last year, the full range of these tools are available to purchase online from our website - you can do this using the 'Buy Now' button below.

But what makes these wrenches different from the plethora of others? Workers from the bus and truck industry have long expressed their need for large industrial wrenches for service and maintenance purposes that are able to cover a range of up to 1000 N.m., something that very few wrenches are able to handle. This is where Gedore’s new Industrial Adjustable Torque Wrench range comes in; designed and engineered for absolute accuracy and precision, this robust tool offers the user consistency and control in the toughest working conditions. It has been specifically designed for use in the automotive, bus and truck, chemical, energy and nuclear industries, as well as for major construction and engineering projects. The product range can be used with absolute confidence by operators at a vast array of skill levels.

Heamar offers the full range of this new, high quality product and has invested in a large amount of stock as we are confident in its quality and functionality. With three models available, ranging between 150-700, 200-800 and 300-1000 N.m., this wrench offers the perfect solution to the demands of any heavy industry sectors.

Hazardous working conditions call for this new torque wrench to be durable and high quality; consequently, they feature an all steel construction and a corrosion resistant finish.

Gedore BIW Industrial Torque Wrench

The calibrated scales allow the operator to adjust the desired setting with ease and dual scales means they can be used for both N.m. and lb.ft. measurements. This makes these tools suitable for a number of applications and in operations where more than one torque value is required. The torque loading adjustment is obtained by turning the calibrated stem until the required calibration lines up with the end of the handle.

The large break angle improves accuracy and Gedore’s unique breaking technology eliminates the risk of under or over tightening; this ensures the correct torque is delivered time and time again. When the preset value is reached, these torque wrenches break at a specific point along their length. This gives a clear signal which can be seen and felt by the operator, so they know that the correct level of torque has been applied and allows time for appropriate operator reaction to the controlled breaking action.

Each of these Gedore wrenches is supplied with a calibration certificate to satisfy the requirements of ISO 6789, along with a sturdy hard shell storage case for protection. This product range can be purchased online or over the phone with our technical sales engineers.


If you are seeking a heavy-duty precision wrench that functions to your exact requirements, even under touch long-term use, this is the tool for you.


If you need any more information on the new Gedore BIW Industrial Adjustable Torque Wrench please leave us a comment below, get in touch through our live chat or email

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