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Bahco Sandflex® Cobra™




Maximum cutting performance from the specially designed tooth design. Long blade life with the M42 tooth tips. Suitable for many applications with the various tooth styles.

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Bahco Sandflex® Cobra™

  • For cutting various types of materials from aluminium to stainless steels.
  • Specially designed tooth shapes for maximum cutting performance.
  • M42 tooth tips provide heat and wear resistance for long blade life.
  • New stronger tooth design gives maximum cutting performance
  • Wide range of tooth styles available to suit many different applications.
3851-13-0.9-H-613 mm0.9 mm6Hook
3851-16-0.5-H-316 mm0.5 mm3Hook
3851-6-0.6-H-66 mm0.6 mm6Hook
3851-6-0.6-10/146 mm0.6 mm10/14PRX
3851-6-0.9-H-66 mm0.9 mm6Hook
3851-6-0.9-10/146 mm0.9 mm10/14PRX
3851-10-0.6-H-410 mm0.6 mm4Hook
3851-10-0.6-H-610 mm0.6 mm6Hook
3851-10-0.6-10/1410 mm0.6 mm10/14PRX
3851-10-0.9-H-410 mm0.9 mm4Hook
3851-10-0.9-H-610 mm0.9 mm6Hook
3851-10-0.9-R-1410 mm0.9 mm14Regular
3851-10-0.9-10/1410 mm0.9 mm10/14PRX
3851-13-0.5-R-1013 mm0.5 mm10Regular
3851-13-0.5-10/1413 mm0.5 mm10/14PRX
3851-13-0.5-R-1413 mm0.5 mm14Regular
3851-13-0.5-14/1813 mm0.5 mm14/18PRX
3851-13-0.5-R-1813 mm0.5 mm18Regular
3851-13-0.5-R-2413 mm0.5 mm24Regular
3851-13-0.6-5/813 mm0.6 mm5/8PRX
3851-13-0.6-6/1013 mm0.6 mm6/10PRX
3851-13-0.6-8/1213 mm0.6 mm8/12PRX
3851-13-0.6-10/1413 mm0.6 mm10/14PRX
3851-13-0.6-H-313 mm0.6 mm3Hook
3851-13-0.6-H-413 mm0.6 mm4Hook
3851-13-0.6-H-613 mm0.6 mm6Hook
3851-13-0.6-R-1013 mm0.6 mm10Regular
3851-13-0.6-R-1413 mm0.6 mm14Regular
3851-13-0.6-R-1813 mm0.6 mm18Regular
3851-13-0.9-6/1013 mm0.9 mm6/10PRX
3851-13-0.9-10/1413 mm0.9 mm10/14PRX
3851-13-0.9-H-313 mm0.9 mm3Hook
3851-13-0.9-H-413 mm0.9 mm4Hook
3851-13-0.9-R-1413 mm0.9 mm14Regular
3851-13-0.9-R-613 mm0.9 mm6Regular
3851-20-0.9-4/620 mm0.9 mm4/6PRX
3851-20-0.9-5/820 mm0.9 mm5/8PRX
3851-20-0.9-6/1020 mm0.9 mm6/10PRX
3851-20-0.9-8/1220 mm0.9 mm8/12PRX
3851-20-0.9-10/1420 mm0.9 mm10/14PRX
3851-27-0.9-P-327 mm0.9 mm3PS
3851-27-0.9-P-427 mm0.9 mm4PS
3851-27-0.9-R-627 mm0.9 mm6Regular
3851-27-0.9-2/327 mm0.9 mm2/3PRX
3851-27-0.9-3/427 mm0.9 mm3/4PRX
3851-27-0.9-4/627 mm0.9 mm4/6PRX
3851-27-0.9-5/827 mm0.9 mm5/8PRX
3851-27-0.9-6/1027 mm0.9 mm6/10PRX
3851-27-0.9-8/1227 mm0.9 mm8/12PRX
3851-27-0.9-10/1427 mm0.9 mm10/14PRX
3851-20-0.9-H-220 mm0.9 mm2H

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